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b@stard guys

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mr_messy, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. there are bloody mofos everywhere!
    used to live in richmond and pricks there would pinch things from my bike.
    My clock that I attatched to the bike, the gloves that I left in my bum bag, and had my tank keyed.

    Moved to St Kilda,
    Some monkey stole my tools, my 1/2inch socket set, 3/8 socket set my spanners, my battery jumpstart pack and air pump, my kawasaki luggage roller bag.

    had someone attempt to obtain a false drivers licence using my details.

    effing bastard guys everywhere!

    anyway..rant over.
    a good thing comes out of this at least, it lets me enjoy shopping around for tools :grin:
  2. Easily solved: move to Sydney and they'll only take the gold fillings out of your teeth while you're yawning.....
  3. I would but they don't allow parkin on the footpath 4 bikes.

    had three guys try to roll me there a while ago.

    didn't get my lunch money from me tho
  4. Antarctica??? :LOL:

    {I hear there are some rogue penguins down there, though..}
  5. ever thought of NOT leaving stuff outside?

    yeah but it does suck, makes me glad i dont live in a big town or city.
  6. don't have a parking space, thats why I gotta leave bike outside
    and my tools and gear were in a locked up space below the apartment in stkilda

    penguins are scary!
  7. Simple.

    Move north of the river. :p
  8. 'Zackly. You know all of those bodies found dumped around the place lately? Thieves caught in the act! :p