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B-King & the Iranian security force

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Farab, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. thanks for linking that. some interesting images there.
  2. Really interesting pics, thanks for the link.

    Amazing stuff going on over there. After watching "By Any Means" when they were going to Iran it changed my perception of the place completely. It's bloody comforting to think that people want change, and they aren't all nutjobs like Mahmoud.
  3. Yeah, I'm surprised to see the B-King there, as well. When I was there the locals were restricted to 450cc and less. Only a few Western overlanders had big bikes. Don't know if that's changed.

    It's fair to say that those opposed to Ahmadinejad are drawn from the relatively wealthy and the better educated. He has tended to buy the support of the poor with huge handouts (not big enough to buy a B-King with, though!).

    He may play the part of the idiot fundamentalist, but he is far from a fool. The tactic has earned him enormous influence in the region

    As a visitor you tend to only meet the educated english-speakers of course, which gives the impression that everyone wants change. But sadly, that's not the whole story. If the Obama administration has got any brains at all, they will stay the f$%^ out and let this resolve itself.
  4. Well if the caption is correct, it is supposed to be the Iranian Security Force on the B-King, so guess the rules don't apply to them.
  5. I bet you wouldn't see them dropping speed limits without any consultation over there :p
  6. Trust me, nobody there gives a flying f%^& about speed limits.
  7. Photos from Harris Park?
  8. Whoever is in government is going to be captive to the hard-line Muslim fundamentalist clerics, so the whole exercise is a bit futile, really.....
  9. Blood runs red in that last photo

    Who's photos are they?
  10. very confronting, but also damn well taken.
  11. As Khatamei found to his despair.

    What hope there is lies in the fact that the clerics, although hardline, are not fools either. If they see the tide turning against them, they may choose to soften their approach.

    Or, the whole country could be plunged into another bloodbath. The Iranian national personality has been described has 'highly flammable', and I can certainly vouch for that.
  12. Don't misunderstand me, mate, I hate any sort of religious repression, but THEY will have to change before the people will have a chance for change. As Orwell postulated in Animal Farm, most revolutions only succeed in replacing one form of oppression with another :(.
  13. How true that was for Iran in 1979.
  14. When were you over there? In what capacity (tourist) and for how long? A place worth a visit (when more stable)?
  15. Do we need this?
  16. :?: :?: :?:
  17. In '98, for about 3 months. I was officially a tourist but I had plans to do some freelance journalism (never got the deal..). I dodged the Komite with the help of the locals and some helpful local officials for eight weeks, which must stand as some kind of record :)
    I'll tell it straight, it was the time of my life. The Iranians, generally, are the nicest people I have ever met. They are naturally kind, generous and friendly. They are also dangerously passionate and spiritual.
    People think of them as nutbag fundamentalists but the truth is that they are in many cases sophisticated, educated, and very idealistic. There is an underclass of course, and it is hard to penetrate that strata of the society.
    For all the bullsh*t about hardliners, communities of Christians (orthodox, catholic and even I even met Anglican!), Jews, Zoroastrians and Armenian diaspora live there in relative peace. No thanks to the government, mind you.
    If you ever get the chance (and now is NOT the time!) go and see for yourself. 90% of the people will do everything they can to help you and make you welcome. The cultural treasures are mind-blowing, but the living culture is the real reason that it is worthwhile.
    I have many friends there that I haven't heard from in a long time. I hope things work out well for them. They deserve it.
  18. They have some of the most beautiful women in the world.