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B King or GSX 1400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by oz650r, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. I will be buying a new bike at the end of the year and have decided on either a B King or a GSX 1400. I rode a B King 2 weeks ago and loved it. It is a huge bike but when you are on it it feels small and light. Compared to my GSR 600 the B King feels lighter and smaller and about 3 times more powerfull. I did not use the B power mode as the A mode is easy to ride. The A and B modes are a waste of time as the bike does not feel as though it has too much power in A mode and has such a smooth power delivery. I am thinking of the GSX 1400 as well as I just love the look of them and they are so cheap at the moment. This is the last year the GSX will be avaliable and there is a special edition model out that is in clasic Suzuki colours. Suzuki have left the bike standard though for some stupid reason. The only negative the GSX has at the moment is that all the guages are analogue and I am used to a digital speedo now after riding the GSR for 2 years. I will ride a GSX tomorrow and make a decision. The price differance between the 2 is about $4500 so this will also be a small factor in my decision.

  2. Whilst I haven't ridden either, I've been looking at reviews of the GSX1400 and had a look it in the flesh on Sat. They had 1 white and 1 black one in my local store - the black one looked horn.

    For the price and the amount of torque they have for lazy riding they sound like an awesome bike. Pity they won't still be available when I get my full licence otherwise I reckon I'd be buying one.

    This review is a good read:
  3. Think you mighta just answered your own question! Its all horses for courses really; I feel at home on a dirtbike...no comfort problems at all, even when doing a highway bash, while my brother can't stand them.

    As for the analouge instruments I think you'll get back in sync - its a natural adaptation to follow the mean position of the needles in your perhipheral vision, whilst I find it hard to keep track of whats going on with digital using the same kind of technique. No surprise I guess as symbols need more direct attention to infer meaning. Plus, I'm used to gauges :LOL:

    My thoughts? The B King looks pretty freakin' sweet...now if only I could ride both and give you some sort of technical answer...

    Cheers - boingk
  4. In style terms it's retro vs futuristic. My personal preference would be for the B-King, but I'm not sure I could justify the extra 4.5k. But if you've got it...
  5. Two different bikes - you need to ride them both and see if the price difference is worthwhile to you

    What type of riding you going to be doing most? Which one does it better?

    If cash is a problem - and you love the B-King, you'd probably find a good used one for close to a new 14.

    The gauges (which of course have to be analogue for a retro) you'll be used to after one one ride :wink:

    All the best in your search
  6. They're 2 very different bikes built for different purposes.
    Deciding what you want one for will answer your own question.
    You'll need an extra $1000 for the GSX to replace the stainless steel trumpet on the right hand side :)
  7. Well I have ridden the GSX 1400 and thought it was slow untill I looked at the speedo that is. It was like riding an armchair with that big soft seat. I found it to be a smooth ride and for a bike of its size it was a surprise to find it so easy to throw around. The hard decission is now the choice between the two. Both the B King and GSX tick the right boxes for certain things. I think the GSX will win as it has a much larger fuel tank at 22 litres compared to 16.5 and the seat will be more comfortable on longer rides. I never do under 400km on a ride so a big soft seat is a bonus. I have been to 2 dealers for prices on a trade and found an $800 differance between the 2. I will go to 1 more dealer and then see if my local shop will match or better the best price. I will not be buying for at least 3-6 weeks so will think it all over again but I think the GSX is lockjed in.
  8. I found some comparo specs.

    B-king: 1340cc 235 kg 122 kW 116 Nm
    GSX1400: 1402cc 226 kg 74.6kW 126 Nm

    they are both massive nakeds. they are made by the same manufacturer. the 1400 is discontinued (replaced by the b-king possibly??). id be buggered if id know how all these figures convert to real-time riding since i know that these figures can sometimes mean jack all when you jump on the bikes. i guess test riding would help.

    it appears to me that you are mainly judging the appearance and seating / bar position on these bikes. i guess top speed may come into consideration where there is a massive power difference.

    any how, id rate the b-king as the go. it looks like more fun to have a blast around on. the 1400 seems like it is more aimed at keeping joe blow happy on his trip around australia. plenty of grunt / comfy. not like the naked hayabusa (b-king) which looks more like a mean green fighting machine (but not green).
  9. Because motorcycles are a "want", not a "need" we buy what appeals to us.
  10. Some interesting points about the GX1400, it's really the V8 stroker of motorbikes. This is just from reading a number of reviews.

    - redline is only 9000 rpm
    - it makes more torque at 3000 rpm than most sportsbikes do at full noise
    - it's so torquey that you can take off from a standstill in 5th gear

    A lot of people I reckon wouldn't like the 1400 because of the redline. That's what appeals to me, lazy torque, no need to rev, less gear changes, effortless acceleration.
  11. The b-king's tank looks f*cken massive. How can it only be a piddling 16 liters?
  12. I know it isn't on your list, but consider the ZRX1200R. It's like the GSX1400, but it:

    a) is more powerful;
    b) has better ground clearance (pegs are a bit low on the GSX);
    c) wheelies off the throttle from 3,500 RPM :p ;
    d) looks cooler; and
    e) is also cheap and in its final year.

    I also have a couple of sportsbikes (both trackies) and I love the ZRX, it's my favourite bike of all. It might look old-fashioned, but it is plenty capable - I met a guy who had genuine (verified) 1:44s at EC on his basically stock ZRX.

    Just give it a test ride, you might love it.
  13. GSX1400 get my vote.

    The ugly girl may be the most fun in bed, but she is still ugly and you will have to look at her before and after the ride.
  14. I have not tried the B-king yet but I am sure it wouldn't be a disappointing bike to ride. I have the GSX and I do appreciate the big tank and comfy seat. If you are into long rides it's hard to go past this bike. The power specs might not look impressive on paper but this means nothing on the road. You really do feel the torque from this bike and it can be riden fast if that's you're thing. I would suggest that the B-King would be easier to ride fast but I'm not sure if it would be as much fun. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to what feels best for you, but it sounds like you're on the right track. :grin:
  15. Oz,
    Personally, after looking at your needs/wants.....which closely resembled mine by the way......get the 14 :wink:
    Yep! the B' will be fun.........for a short ride, but if you want to have some comfort in the ergonomics over a long haul the GSX is it.

    You will change the end can ($750)...youd probably do the same with B..
    you will get a cooler cover ($110)
    Then you might make minor adjustments to the suspension setting and "WooooHoooooooo! :grin: and trust me, if you want to......these bitches will keep up with 90% of the weekend warriors on the mountain, and do it easier...and at lower revs :LOL:
    Check out www.GSX1400.org

    Cheers, tell me wot colour you got.... :p
  16. f) uglier than a hatfull of assholes

    go the 14. theyre an awesome bike
  17. Rogues, I will get the Special edition if I get a 14 in its clasic Suzuki colours.

    ausjc, I sat on the XJR1300, ZRX1200, CB1300 and the GSX1400 at the bike show. I found the GSX and XJR the best size. The Kwaka is not EFI and is only a 1200 :wink:
  18. No worries :cool:

    Just thought I'd suggest it as I'd never considered one until I took a quick test ride and fell in love :LOL: As for the size/fuel injection thing:

    2008 GSX1400: 100hp and 126nm
    2008 ZRX1200R: 122hp and 112nm

    ZRX smokes it on peak power, but the GSX wins on torque. The ZRX also needs to be revved a bit more.

    Sounds like you are choosing it for the right reasons though (comfort) rather than just the big number printed on the side. You need to get the bike that suits you best.

    Says the motard rider :? :p
  19. Gotta say I looked at all 4 myself.....the ZRX got taken off the list because,
    (a) It looked old, and that fairing IS ugly.
    (b) it is carburettor only
    (c) Only has a 5 speed box

    You pick whatever floats your boat 'Oz'...you're the one thats got love & live with it. :wink:
    By the way........BLACK goes faster.. :LOL: :LOL: :p