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B-king `08 Mileage

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by samsico, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Tested for a ride before New Year and traded in with my CBR`07 to the B-king last week did comparisons before decided . Took it home, ride on the week end and all the rumours, hate, all bad words about B-king are Lost and Forgotten.

    Perhaps this bike is not comfortable if you have long legs due to the design of the bike. So.. for some people either you Love it or Hate it ....This is the future bike style and get over it... :wink:
    fyi B-king was designed by a French man who did for R1 Yamaha.

    B-king may looks and feel heavy bike but when I rode on the roads, I feel it’s lighter than my previous CBR . Good balance, cornering and powerful engine using the same K8 Hayabusa engine. For instance I really like the power when I over took the cars and cruising speed in the Highway as no vibrations over 100 kms >

    Here some photo regarding the mileage using A mode all the times.

    I still got half tanks when it reaches 153 Km….

    Reached 255 km when both indicators flashing on reserve tank


    When I reached Caltex near my home it was 261 km on the odometer and re-fill with Premium 15,4 Liter to full the tank.

    Hei, I still have more than a litre left on the tank (16, 5 fuel capacity Max for the B-king)


    Is the B-king very thirsty bike !? I don’t think so… I have not try on B mode switch yet where I’m pretty sure and confident that I could reach more mileage over 300 Kms in a fuel tank with B-king.

    S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector), that allows the rider to choose from two different engine settings depending on riding conditions or rider preferences, perhaps the rider can choose mid range power if he wants it.
    A mode = full speed power 100%
    B mode = Lower speed 70%
  2. I can get 25MPG out of a 5lt V8 too but thats not how its meant to be worked :grin:

    Now ride your King how its meant to be ridden and dont worry how far you get on a tank. (If you did you'd be on a scoot)
  3. 2wheels as much as I agree with the not worrying about fuel consumption if you are having fun on a bike I can see why this info is handy. Some people actually tour either weekend rides or more and need to know what its going to give them per fuel tank full.
  4. Waiting for when you slap the turbo on
  5. With those sort of fuel range figures you've gotta wonder what all the magazines are bitching about when they talk about the B-King's range. 250km between fills would be more than fine for me, and if you're out for a scratch who cares?
  6. Yeh but for such a freaking huge bike with a freaking huge looking tank....
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    Actually, when I taken off the air ram ducks L + R it may look slimmer.
    B-king just had the future and fancy look future bike... :cool:

    Here another new concept bike from Suzuki call " Biplane " better get ready for future fancy look bikes mate...... on slimming tank this time... :grin:


    Another freaking huge looking tank from concept Yamaha :p

  8. Any plans on changing the pipes? The biig pipes on these is about the only thing i don't like (blame euro 3 or whatever it is now) :cool:

  9. Yaa... Yoshimura pipes is on the way to my home this week :cool:

  10. You could count the number of "tourists" on these bikes on one hand. Yes its possible but not what people will buy them for :LOL:
  11. Interesting thread as people been skeptical about running out of petrol while riding this transformers. Its just a general perception that a 1300cc bike should have a tank larger than a 600cc.

    Id say it depends on what type of rider you are. I've been riding with him and he's been riding it smoothly & conservatively -which is the way he likes to ride.
    PS: also still run-in period.

    So that suits him, he wont have a problem with the consumption. He can still fill up at a designated petrol stop on typical ride days.
    He wouldnt let me test ride to give 2nd opinion on a more spirited riding :cry: :LOL:

    But yeah...look forward to have the yoshi fitted cos factory one is quiet
  12. BKing nightmare!!!!

    I spent 2 days behind this BKing and now can't get the image of those 2 huge exhaust off my head.

    Apart from the rear view (the above), its quite a monster looking bike. Notice when I was behind, it attracts alot of attention from other motorists like "WHAT'S THAT THING..."
  13. ahh...mr.N is here now :p
    You need to go to SCM to get that B-K syndrome treated with some CBRs

    but its true...that thing is 'in ya face' all the time, you just have to overtake him before giving you tunnel-vision
  14. Here let me put the picture so that you could look on your screen all day :p

  15. Everyone thinks they have beautiful babies too :shock:
  16. from that photo the pipes look like eyes on a face and the brake light is the nose
  17. hey mate i was bored so i fixed up your B King for ya :p

  18. Congrats on the new bike, mate!!! I actually like the design of the beast! :cool:
    But... feels lighter than your CBR? Are we talking about the skinny one (155kg dry)? Ok, you may be right, but I'll have to take her for a ride if you want me to believe :p
  19. ++1, sofar we got 3-4 local testers who are willing to give their objective opinions. man i ride other people's bike more carefully than i ride mine.
    :LOL: :LOL: on the burgerking-sponsored bike...
  20. #20 samsico, Jan 19, 2008
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    Yes it's skinny from the top see the picture far below, it may look big and fat and heavy.. but than this is the Future bike design so be trandy with future mates :cool:

    I would like to say Suzuki really makes this good engineering design, once I ride on the road I dont feel any vibration or rattle noise, in fact it's quite light, smooth and silk by the time opening half thortle... it reach 100 Km easily.... I dont feel anymore weight issue when I ride and yes this is the bike of my dream...! I dont have anymore back pain after long day ride as to compare with CBR :grin:

    Unfortunately, my bike is only for the master to ride it wont start for other people :LOL: :p :p

    Sorry can't help it, I'm a fans of tranformers movie.

    B-king speed info to share

    Look how slim the B-king from the top, air ram duck and pipe can be taken off easily.