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B*&^dy Kids!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by suzyq, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Well what a s*&^*y weekend I've had. Kids, I'm tellin ya, if ya ain't already got em, don't have em! My youngest son, Tim, 15, has been missing since Thursday. I left for work Thursday morning and he went off to school as he does. He was s'posed to be staying with a mate Thursday night so he could go to footy training I believe. When I got home Thursday afternoon, there was a fine in the mail for him, a 'reminder' notice, so obviously there had been a previous one he had intercepted. :? Anyway, this fine was for $400 for smoking on the train platform! :shock: I gotta say I had no idea he smoked! So I try and ring him and let him know about the fine, like you do. Oh boy, was he in trouble! :mad: No answer on his mobile, it just rings out. Keep trying all night up to midnight or so... still no answer.

    Friday, keep trying to ring Tim, but just get the message, 'Hello. The person you are calling.......'.So nothing all day Friday. Friday night he was sposed to be going to his dads place for the weekend. Doesn't show up there either. My friend comes over to pick me up cos we were going out. 'Tim's missing' I say to her. 'No, he's not' she says, 'I saw him in the supermarket this afternoon with his mate.' Ok, so at least I know he is still with his mate. Of course keep trying Tim's mobile, same message. :evil:

    I keep in touch with his dad to see if he has heard from him. Tim doesn't have a great relationship with his dad, so he is unlikely to contact him anyway. Now I don't have a car at the moment, I lent it to my older son, so I only have the bike. And if you have seen the weather up here in Sydney, I definitely did not want to go riding around in the rain looking for him. My ex did go and try and find this mates place, there was no answer despite the fact it seemed as though someone was home. So this continues, Saturday and on Sunday I said this is ridiculous, I am worried sick, we've gotta go to the police. So off we go to the police station and 2 hours later Tim is officially reported missing.

    Yes, its now Monday morning and still no word. The copper said we might end up on telly 'Missing Persons Unit'! I'll let you guys know...

    So there you are, guys don't have kids, [-X as far as I am concerned they just give you grief. Sure, they are cute when they are little and the fact you cant get them to sleep seems like the end of the world, but just wait til they turn into awful teenagers!

    So here I am, stuck by the phone.. waiting, waiting, waiting.....
  2. wow, what a story. bet ya he'll get a good clip behind the ears.

    when i was ski instructing i use to joke that the best part about instructing my little "angels" was handing them straight back to their parents at days end! :)

    so, isn't the birth certificate a form of receipt? try handing him back? or maybe dump him outside a church, that's what's in vogue these days:p

    seriously, hope things work out.
  3. Sounds like he has some issues :(

    I hope you find him unharmed & in good health & when u do i think you should have a good chat !!! (not the screaming type lol) an open one to get some things out and sorted so nothing like this happens again :? ..

    good luck !
  4. :-#

    I know this is a nice friendly forum and all, but FFS, kids are a product of their environment, if he's irresponsible it's because of something, he wasn't born like that.

    I sincerely hope he comes home safe to you so he can get an uppercut, but don't blame him for his upbringing. And don't let him see what you have written here and go away thinking his mother wishes she never had him.

    Rant over :evil:
  5. Now, I'm trying to see where I said I wish I never had him??? Frankly, I'm just warning other prospective parents against having kids... and like that's gunna stop anyone!! And I hate to say it, but even kids from the best homes with the most loving parents go off the wall. There are many more influences in a kids life than their parents and home life. :roll: And yeah, I'm probably not the perfect parent... but I've done my best given the circumstances, of which you know nothing.

    Please don't get me wrong, I love my kids, any parent will tell you, but I gotta say if you want a nice, worry free life, don't have 'em!
  6. While you may not have directly said that, if he reads that post, you'd be a complete fool to think that's not what he's gonna think.

    And nowhere did I say that those were the only influences either!

    Nor have I speculated to knowing your circumstances.
    But let me tell you this, from what you have told us here (and perhaps you only told us half the story?) If my son were missing, no amount of rain would stop me going out on my bike to look for him, if someone was at the house I thought he was at and werent answering the door, I would not leave until I knew 100% that nobody was home, if that meant breaking in, that's what I'd do. Coz If I feared for his wellbeing, then I couldn't be sure he wasn't inside and in need of help.

    It sure don't read that way!

    So you think you have to forgo a nice life to have kids? As I said, don't let him read this, now he'll think he's ruined your life! :roll:
  7. We have no kids and we are not having any..

    I feel for you, it would be hard bringing up kids in todays society, the friends they have plays such a huge part in there life..

    I have no doubt you have always tried your hardest, and when this happens it must be a big kick in the guts.

    Good luck and hope he is home soon.
  8. I vote we get a netrider posse to crawl all over Suzy's area and wait for him to rear his head.
  9. wooohoooooo we gonna crawl all over suzy , oops i miss read that lmao
  10. Ok, so the little darling has turned up safe and sound.. grrrr!
  11. Good news Suzzzzzy now take to him wiv a big stick lmao:p
  12. SO, now you punish him.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. so where did he get too ?

    I was too scared to run away when i was younger, too scared to deal with the wrath of broken wooden spoons and feather duster handles that would be snapped across my arm when i got home. Ohh and also the milk carton being thrown at me :roll:

    And that was my mums punishment.
  14. The wooden spoon :eek: i hated that lol or chop stick across ya hand :eek:
    even a ruler or brush :LOL:

    milk carton? emty or full? lol i full one would have hurt :shock:
  15. Full! :shock: Wasnt full after it hit me :LOL:
  16. Good to hear. You must be relieved. Hope you can get through to him and get him on track.. :wink:
  17. Glad to hear Suzyq :)

    We have had problems with our almost 19 year old.

    You never stop loving them, they just make it hard for you to like them sometimes :?
  18. Good to hear everythings worked out okay. Maybe for the future you should order one of these :LOL:.
  19. Thanks guys for your support.. yeah little s*&t! Seems he was where we suspected 'with mates'! grrrrrrr! But all for a 25c phone call he could have saved us a whole lot of worry. :evil: Anyway, I hope he has learned his lesson, no guarantees though! :?

    As to the fine, :cry: hmmm he tells me he wasn't smoking, that he was with a mate who was smoking and that the whole group got a ticket. Now I gotta say I have never seen any evidence that Tim smokes. I have not ever smelt smoke on Tim. I don't smoke so I think I am pretty sensitive to it. He never has any money so I don't know how he could afford to smoke. He says the police that pulled them up were just being a^&eh*&es and booked the lot of them. And $400 is a lot of money :shock: .. so what do you guys reckon I should do? And if you think I should contest it, how do I prove he wasn't smoking? Or do I just have to cop it sweet? Mind you, I know I'll end up paying it, Tim has no income. :cry:

  20. I wouldn't fight it. Even if he wasn't smoking, he must've done or said said something to make the cop give him a fine.

    If he has no income, looks like you'll have to pay the fine. BUT, then you've got to put your foot down and make him repay it. You give him pocket money?? Cut him off until the $400 is covered. Or send him to work at Maccas until it's paid off. Maybe a bit of part time work will teach him a little responsibility.

    I hope you've chained him to the bed post now. Running away like that is just not on. He's got to learn that he's got a responsibility to his family, and that when he shirks that responsibility, there are consequences...