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[B]All track junkies please note[/B]

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. All track junkies please note - If you get a chance you must have a crack at a race meeting. I did my first interclub on Sunday at the Island and it was way better than a track/ride day, a total buzz. I raced my 02 ZX6R in the novice race and the pre-modern class, I was more than happy with my results and times. Thanks to Gilesy for helping out on the day.

    Jap - in :dance: :biker: :cheeky:
    Sammy A - in =D>
    Gilesy - in =D>
    Arc - you should do it :deal:
    Bruce - you should do it :deal:
    Quo Vadas - you should do it :deal:

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  2. I'm happy that your happy Jap :) used to do that all the time with the Hartwell Club and getting back into it again this time with two bikes.......well one for sure, still building the gixxer and the other is ready just need tyres.

    Cheers B
  3. Will Kitt let you use the Gixxer???? [-(
  4. I believe so and that's the one I'm hanging on getting to the track lol

    Cheers B
  5. im planning on giving it a shot once i have a bit more skillz, and a little more cash...
  6. Enigma do you run a SV 650, try this class


    Twin Sprints 2012

    1.1 Subject to the required and permitted alterations set out below, Twin Sprints must:
    a) Carry all relevant compliance plates, (ADR);
    b) Be eligible for registration in all states and territories in which they complete;
    c) Be of a make and model lawfully sold in Australia;
    d) Be as constructed by, or modified with the approval of, the manufacturer so as to conform with Australian design laws for normal road use; and
    e) Be two-cylinder four-stroke engine of a capacity up to 700cc.

    1.2 Tyres; Slicks maybe used.

    1.3 To be permitted to compete, a machine, without rider, empty of fuel, but with all other fluids at optimum levels, must weigh no less than Engine capacity divided by 4 in Kg's. Example 650cc/4=162.5Kg.

    1.4 The following must be removed:
    a) Headlamp;
    b) Tail lamp;
    c) Reflectors;
    d) Horns;
    e) Passenger footrests;
    f) Traffic indicators;
    g) Rear vision mirrors;
    h) Centre and side stands;
    i) Registration plate / bracket and label holder;
    Any sharp edges left by the removal of these components must be protected by a rolled edge or beading of minimum 3mm diameter.

    1.5 Engine and gearbox breathing hoses and tubes, and the radiator overflow bottle vent, must exhaust into the airbox to the rear of the carburetor intakes. The lower airbox breather tube must be blocked.

    1.6 The following maybe removed:
    a) Passenger handholds and footrests assemblies;
    b) Rear number plate bracket;

    1.7 The following may be replaced or modified:
    a) Fairings, screen, rear body work, seat, mudguards, tank covers and frame side covers, but replacements must be the same in shape and appearance as the original, if that model does not come originally fitted with a full fairing then one can be fitted from a different model but the same manufacturer;
    b) Mounting bracket for fairing, screen and instruments;
    c) Spark plug type, leads and caps;
    d) External gearing
    e) Brake pads, linings, brake hoses and master cylinder;
    f) Exhaust system;
    g) Front suspension springs and fork internal components but external appearance must remain unchanged, except for the fitment of external adjusters;
    h) Rear suspension springs and shocks;
    i) Fuel metering jets and air filter;
    j) Instruments;
    k) Handle bars and handle bar controls;
    l) Camshafts, but only with items from the same make & model of machine;
    m) Camshaft wheels to allow dialling.

    1.8 The following may be added:
    a) Steering damper;
    b) Ride height adjuster;
    c) Ignition cutout lanyard;
    d) Quick shifter;
    e) Rear sprocket chain guard;
    f) Power Commander or similar;
    g) Engine end covers/protectors.
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  7. Don't have a choice ... it's his bike :(
  8. Just checking how strong the love is Ha Ha 8-[
  9. thanks mate, thats what ive been looking into. still complete stock and road going atm, so gonna do some suspension/brakes, and then ill have to find the bodywork i guess? then, im in :D
  10. At the NR track day, you were in the novice group, but you well and truly belonged in a higher group. I reckon you'll love it! (y)
  11. haha thanks, was just hesitant to jump up (though in hindsight, perfect opportunity!) next time!

    not sure if i introduced myself, you were on the viffer?
  12. Yep, when you're lapping the other kids in the class, it's time to move up ;)

    Not that is wasn't fun watching you go around me.
  13. Who's this guy?

    Attached Files:

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  14. Might be Jap?
  15. Yes, that was me... who you lapped on the odd occasion... ;)

    You were certainly fast through the corners! (y) Be a devil... Go up a group! :biker:
    (it will help us lesser mortals to look better by not being passed as much... :cheeky: )
  16. Looks like jap.
  17. Love it!

    I also did my first actual race meeting not long ago, and can't wait to go again. I didn't win anything, but I passed a lot more people than passed me and I did score fastest lap in my first two ever races. Pretty happy with that. So I decided to be a trifle more cautious on the Sunday, because I've seen what a rush of blood to the head can do when your first efforts are immediately successful. My Sunday results were about the same (place wise) as before, but I didn't score any more fastest laps. Three or four people who'd been taking it very easy in the slow / beginner group on the Saturday suddenly found a set of big ones on the Sunday and dropped about 8 seconds a lap overnight.

    There's another meeting this weekend, which I can't do because I still have plaster on my leg, but the next one (end of March) I should just about be able to get there.
  18. Hey Daz,
    Thanks for the pic mate and for all your hard work at the loop. =D>

  19. plaster? you didnt throw your bike at the ground did you?
  20. Good to see you had fun Jap! The novice race was great with big numbers (31 on the grid!) and start line was pretty funny when everyone was lost on their position, but we got it sorted :). No crashes from what I remember and was awesome weather for you novices :).

    You managed some good times for a novice :)