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Azz's spinal fusion was a success so back on 2 wheels by Oct

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Hey guys as most of you know I am going to have a spinal fusion...
    I initially screwed my back in April last year and after trying every alternative therapy available to me to get rid of the constant sciatic pain and chronic back pain but to no avail :( it's now time for the last resort... the spinal fusion :eek:hno:

    I've got a top spinal surgeon and he's confident that me being a non smoker, slim and healthy, that I'll most likely have a full and speedy recovery.

    He's going to perform an L4-S1 instrumented interbody fusion (2 level spinal fusion). The main aim of the surgery is to do a solid fusion and rhizolysing the L5 nerve roots (to numb them as they've been aggravated for almost a year). Hoping as a result of the surgery to get rid of the constant sciatic leg pain and also the chronic back pain so I can get back to work, back to living but most importantly back on 2 wheels.

    I'm having the surgery at the Epworth Horse Piddle on Bridge Rd, Richmond.
    Got the date booked for the 22nd April and will be in there for a minimum of 5-7 days... so if anyone's in the area and want to drop in for a chat (or to bring me some yummy food coz I heard the Epworth's food sucks :wink: ) just call or send me or Jadey a text.
    If you haven't got mine or Jadey's number just send me a PM.

    After they kick me out I'll be mostly taking it easy at home (Endeavour Hills) for the 3 months prior to surgery, with the exception of doing hydrotherapy and physio/pilates... so if you're in the area and want to drop in for a chat (might even make you a cuppa if you're lucky) that'd be great!!

    After the surgery I'm looking at being able to do hydrotherapy within 2 weeks of surgery (as soon as the surgical wound has healed), commence physiotherapy/pilates within 3 weeks of surgery, get back to driving about 6 weeks after surgery, back to work but most importantly back on 2 wheels within 3-6 months :grin: :biker:
  2. Hey dude...

    Long time no speakies, but great to hear you'll be out of the woods soon enough, then you can finally get a real bike ;)
  3. Thanks Booga, looking forward to the bike shopping later this year :twisted:
  4. Good news, we hope :).
  5. Good News !
    Hope to see ya back on two wheels very soon
  6. wow, azza thats really great news, hope it all goes well for you.

    Will try and catch up soon
  7. Wow, good luck! I hope it all works out successfully. If not, try some ketamine (I hear it does crazy things to your nerves (resets them in a way))
  8. All the best, I hear they can work miracles now in certain circumstances.

    Fingers crossed.
  9. All the best mate, hope things are fixed.
  10. Great to hear that you have got the date set in stone now Azz :)
    And don't you worry... Seany and I will be sure to come keep you (and Jadey :) ) company when you are in hospital. Good luck, but I'm sure we will see you before then anyways :)

  11. About bloody time, mate. There is a long aircraft ride in your future, remember.
  12. Thats excellent news honey ! About time that you got a date. You can get back on track again now finally, and yes, mmmm bike shopping. YAY!
  13. Great news Azz, hopefully some light at the end of the long tunnel.
  14. Good to hear this is all FINALLY happening.
    With the time frame you have given yourself that puts you in or around October

    PERFECT, weather starts to improve then. thumb.

    From all of us in the Charmed household, we wish you all the best & for a trouble free & speedy recovery.
  15. Get back, get back, get baack to where you once belong, get back ol Azza :LOL: Looking foward to rollin with ya dude :grin:
  16. Sounds like you've given the alternatives a good crack and it's time to just go for it. Hope it all goes smoothly, like your health indicates you should. Then you can get out again and join us on a ride :grin:
  17. Hey Azz - was great to meet you the other night, good luck with the op :)
  18. thinkin' of ya dude. which surgeon did you end up going with? one piece of advice from my friend who had major spinal surgery a few years ago - start putting together your 'recovery' team now if you haven't already got a few people in place ie physio, pain management specialist etc. Her experience was that she got a great surgeon who saved her from a wheelchair but he sent her down the wrong track with follow-up recovery advice and it took her two years of going backwards with her pain and recovery before she found out all his advice had been wrong and she found some people who could set her on the right path. now finally, another 3 years after that, and she's starting to dance again, and sit in wooden chairs at restaraunts, and reconsider her 'old' career after having studied for a new one in the meantime etc etc.

    anyway, good luck mate. will be thinking of you and look forward to dropping in that week to see you hopefully smiling and happy and well.

    hugs, c x
  19. Thanks Steve & Caroline, keeping really positive about the surgery coz I'm sure it will be a success and if I do the right things post op I'll be back on a bike by the time the good weather rolls back around :cool:

    Thanks Carri, PM sent :)
    Looking forward to catching up with you & Ken Saturday night for a bit of a chat coz it's always great catching up with you guys! :grin:
  20. Hey Champ,

    I'm really stoked that you finally are able to get this shit sorted out! I'll make sure I come visit when you're in hospital bro.

    I'll still be recovering from my latest op so we can be cripples together :LOL:

    Good Luck mate. The offers still there for PS3 happy times :wink: