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Azz's mobile got stolen so I've lost all your numbers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, thought I'd post this up and hopefully most of you will see it...

    Like the thread title says, my mobile got stolen Thursday night so I've lost 90% of my contacts :evil: all of my calendar entries :evil: :evil: and all of the text messages I've been hoarding... :oops:

    I canceled my old sim card and phone and got a new sim card and phone but I still have the same number!!

    If you get the chance can you please PM, email or SMS your contact details to me...


  2. You my man, :? are entirely due for some good luck. Txt sent :grin:
    Look on bright side Azz, you are definitely getting sheeet bit out of way, that we all inevatably face at some time in our travels, you just doing arlier than most, and more compacted, then be all sweet smellin roses for you buddy :roses: :dance:
  3. Thanks dood :grin:

    And thanks guys for the PM's (NOT PMS :p ) and SMS's with your contact details :)
  4. man thats crap. you really need a stoke of good luck comin your way. PM sent mate.
  5. hornet600 stole it, i reckon.
  6. You'll need one of those new Telstra Hex phones to ring joel :LOL:
  7. bonus points for the guys at crazy john's for installing p0rn on the phone before we left the shop. can't have a phone without p0rn now can we :p
  8. It would certainly increase the chances of having that one stolen too. :LOL:

    Crazy John's you say? :-k
  9. I didn't!! But if his new one is any good, I might nick it :LOL:.
  10. Got a nice new N95 :grin: Has GPS :grin: :grin:

    Bit lost with it... it doesn't have smilies :shock: It's RRP is still over $1k (I didn't pay that much... thanks Crazy Mustafa :wink: ) and it doesn't have smilies in text messaging :shock: :shock:

    :rofl: yep got it from Crazy John's :deal:

    Was chatting with the guys about the abundance of p0rn the phone thieves scored from my mobile and the guys there said they couldn't have me walking away without any on my new one \:D/
  11. Pssst, it comes with windows :LOL:

    You getting lonely on the side of the road mate?