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AXO Lancer Boots Review

Discussion in 'Boots' started by GnomeOomps, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. #1 GnomeOomps, Sep 7, 2010
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    Hey all,

    I did a video review of the AXO lancer boots about a week ago.
    Forgot to post it up here at the time, but check it out if your after some cheap good boots.
    They can be bought from Sydney city motorcycles for $229: http://shop.sydneycitymotorcycles.c...-blk-axlanbk-clearance-special-rrp-39995.html

    Here is the link to the review: [media=youtube]70lAqg3mNF8[/media]

    Let me know if you have any Q's!
    More product reviews to come...

  2. good review! but its kinda moot because you wont be able to get them soon lol

    I never even looked at AXO boots before, they seem to have heaps of good features for half the price of sidis or alpinestars...
  3. Haha, yeah in a way it is.
    But they still had a lot of stock at 2 of the stores when I was there last, so if someone was after a good protective pair of boots like what is available on the high end sidi's then for 230 odd dollars it isn't too bad a deal.
    I would however check them over with a fine tooth comb first after the ordeal with my right boot!