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axle nut stuck

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by abvc, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. hi guys, i got a problem.. my rear wheel is angled to the right. my guess is the nut is pressed against the swing arm.

    i tried to use rattle gun however i can only find an 8 pivot 24mm head. it just doesn't have enough grip to open the nut.

    as the rattle gun fails, what is the other option available to take off the nut?

  2. Get the right sized socket and a T-bar or breaker bar and a piece of pipe to put over it, if need be. First get some WD40 and give it a good spray, if you have some Worth rost-off thats even better, but WD40 will do.
    After you have given it a hit with the WD40 let it sit for about 5mins and then put the bar on it and turn it anti-clockwise.
    Once you have cracked on nut it should be easy to undo from there.
  3. like pb blaster?

    i reckon i will get it
  4. Correct size socket, and don't forget a spanner on the opposite side if the axle istelf if its turning with the nut (did you check thats not the case with the rattle gun?) and a knuckle bar. If you need piece of pipe over a knuckle bar to get it off, then the bloody swingarm would almost be crushed from when it was tightened last time.
  5. yes the nut stayed on its ground while the socket made its way around. damn swing arm crushed.. sounds pretty bad
  6. Can I ask a silly question? Are you sure you are UN doing the nut? The reason I ask is that you have said that the swingarm has crushed.

    Just a thought.
  7. um no i was referring to TWEET comment. i checked again it looked okay. just got hard pressed probably. yes i'm pretty sure i did the correct way, lefty loosey :grin:
  8. crap the axle nut still won't move after some spray of rust buster and 6 point socket + rattle gun. any suggestion?
  9. Try using a really long driver.. I just bought me a nice big torque wrench today for this reason :) :)
  10. gently warm the nut up, with a hairdryer until you just cant touch it with your hands. then you will have a win :)
  11. omg my hand is stronger the rattle gun. maybe the socket can't lock properly either way, my hand is stronger! i'm getting a breaker bar and will try again
    and definitely gonna return the gun... it's rattling :LOL:
  12. may i know where did you get it from?
  13. Bunnings, Kingchrome for $79. No Sidchrome in stock :(
  14. sounds great. will check them out
  15. I`ve got a breaker bar that I found in a car I bought once whch I presume was for removing wheel nut etc. It`s about 30cm long but you twist the handle half a turn and it will extend to 60 cm. It has a nice soft rubber handle and will take any 1/2 inch socket. It`s a bloody gem.

    On this subject if you tighten your axle nut with a torque wrench or extension bar of some sort at home, keep in mind that you probably won`t be able to remove it with the crappy spanner in your toolkit in case of a roadside emergency, flat tire loose chain etc.
  16. Thats Wurth to you ;)

    Yeah, Dad works there, and I am a HUGE fan of all their products, but for getting off nuts and bolts, rost-off and the new freezing version of the rost off actually cools the bolt/nut thus shrinking everything that little bit and cracking rust and other things preventing the turning...

    Also, if you cant get your hands on an old car drive shaft to use at a levering bar, then i'd put the right sized socket on, and a socket-wrench and turn it to undo it... then as you've got a bit of pressure on it, knock the outside of the wrench (ie, inline with the socket) with a hammer or rubber mallet, and it acts like a impact driver :)
  17. you mean knock the socket in with the hammer?

    hm i just bought a small blow torch, that would do something

    now i understand why there is popular phrase called 'f!@#$in nuts" because nuts can really make nuts!
  18. Well you gotta have rotational tention on the socket so it jars the nut in one direction... so a socket and wrench and then whack the back of the wrench, not on the handle, on the main ratchet part...
  19. Indeed something to keep in mind. However tightening to manufacturer spec is surely not a bad thing?
  20. OTOH, not torquing to spec can result in the roadside emergency that happens when your back wheel falls off :shock: . BTDT.

    Don't use a torque wrench as a breaker bar or an impact driver if you respect your tools.