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axle nut fallen off...... :-(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by LeoRX, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. I've recently purchased a MadAss 125. It is my second bike and I use it to get to work and back home. I've brought it brand new and have done about 300 km.
    Today... on the way to work, I felt it wobble. I've pulled over a few times to check and finally decided I'll ride it to the bike shop to get it checked out. as the wobble got worst and worst... I pulled in to small streets to go through the back way to get there. Thinking that at lower speed, less traffic, I'll be okay if anything happens. about 500 meters after that.. the rear wheel locked up. I then realise it was caused by a missing axle nut. the axle have move out of its socket and caused the back wheel to lock. ](*,)
    I then contacted the shop... it took them a few hours... and finally got it picked up and fixed 7 hours later. :angel:
    When the mechanic showed up, he immediately said someone had tampered with my bike. he said it is a self locking nut and it does not fall off by itself.
    It's a bit hard to believe, as I've only just move to this apartment block. I've only parked the bike in the garage or outside work.
    Only after I was riding home.. I realise, some of the weird noise that happens at certain speed is not longer there(sound of lose chains).
    Thank god, that I didn't hurt myself because of it. but what I want to know if its possible for the axle nut to become lose itself.
    I've also noticed, both in the owners manual and prior to today, the axle are inserted from left to right. After the shop have worked on it today, it's now inserted right to left. Does this have anything to do of how a "self locking" nut work? Do you think they sold me a bike with lose nut?

  2. On a Chinese made bike, anything is possible.
  3. or someone doesn't like you and is trying to off your ass.
  4. Self locking nuts come in several types, but the common one is the Nylock nut. It has a ring of nylon on the outside (non-pressure side). As a general rule, they don't just come loose.

    The back wheel on the Aprilia was held on a by a single large nut, and shortly after having a new tyre fitted, it started coming loose. I heard some funny noises and eventually figured out what was happening, so I took it back to the shop and winged pathetically, and they fixed it. No, it wasn't an ordinary hex nut, and no, there was no spanner like that in the tool kit. And no, it wasn't a self locking nut either. I'd say they put it on not quite straight and then rattled it. After a while, it dropped into the lugs where it should have been, and that left the nut loose...

    Glad you're ok. Most people who get loose or missing axle nuts do survive, although it generally frightens the life out of them. It has caused some accidents and perhaps a few fatalities though.

    General rule for machinery - not just motorcycles. If it starts sounding funny or acting funny - INVESTIGATE. Don't just note that it's acting a bit funny and continue.

    For example - an engine which loses all its oil or coolant, will start making funny noises long before it stops or does terminal damage to itself. Over heated engines detonate. It sounds like autumn leaves rustling, or perhaps bacon sizzling, and gets more pronounced the more throttle you use. If you hear leaves, and they get louder when you open the throttle - STOP THE DAMN CAR! Or bike. Shut the engine down. It doesn't matter what the temp gauge says - if there's no coolant, then you can't measure the temperature of the coolant, and the gauge could say any-damn-thing. At the moment when you most need a temp gauge, the damn things are not reliable.

    The fact that there is coolant in the overflow bottle does not mean there is any in the radiator. The fact that you can't hear the engine bubbling or boiling or singing like a kettle, does not mean everything's fine. The fact that you can't hear or see or smell any hissing or coolant leak, doesn't mean everything's fine. The fact that the radiator cap isn't especially hot, doesn't mean everything's fine. You don't really know about the state of the coolant until you take the cap off and have a look, and be BL00DY careful doing it, because steam can do you a lot of harm...

    You check the coolant every now and then by opening the overflow bottle and having a look, so you know what the coolant smells like. If you're going along and you suddenly smell that smell - stop the damn car / bike. You don't just smell coolant in a car or bike for no reason.

    You're riding / driving along and you notice the red oil pressure light is on and staying on - STOP the damn bike / car IMMEDIATELY!! It is not something to check in the morning or at the next servo - it's right NOW!

    If you're driving / riding along, and the thing seems to need more and more throttle just to keep up normal speed, pull the clutch and close the throttle. If it stalls - just glide to a stop and wait a while. Check the oil level. Have a ciggie - scratch your what-sits. After ten minutes or so, try and start it. If it seems to have a flat battery - call a tow truck. If it starts but makes nasty heavy clunk noises - call a tow truck. If it starts but the oil pressure light doesn't go off - call a tow truck. If there's a trail of oil on the road that stops in a little pool under your bike / car - call a tow truck. If you're not sure you're measuring the oil the right way because you can't see any at all on the dip stick or in the sight window - for GOD'S SAKE call a tow truck.

    If you go to restart the engine and it seems to crank over too easily or smoothly, like one or more of the spark plugs were out ... call a damn tow truck ... If there's water in the oil and oil in the water - call a damn tow truck. If it's difficult to start like it's cold, and runs poorly, and when you give the throttle a blip it blows the top off the overflow bottle - call a damn tow truck.
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  5. Ask them about the axle going right to left instead of left to right.

    Axle nuts are usually done up pretty tight, whether they are self locking or not. So if someone tampered with it, they came well prepared with big spanners. It is far more likely that the nut wasn't torqued up properly at manufacture, and that the dealer didn't do the pre-delivery checks that should have included checking all major nuts and bolts. Actually, they may have even assembled the wheel to the bike locally, in which case it was them who didn't torque it up correctly. Where ever the failure was, it sounds like it was that way from day one.

    Don't get narky with them, but make sure it has been done correctly now.
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  6. If you'd nodded back I wouldn't have had to do it, ****.
  7. Leo, if the shop put the axle in back to front it probably won't make any difference, but its an indication of the standard of their workmanship. My money would be on them not having assembled your bike with enough care. Good lesson to check your chain tension and that the nut is tight once a week or so.
    And just ignore boyracer, sometimes he's funny, but mostly :jerk:.
  8. on my gixxer you cant put the axle in the wrong way else it wont tighten properly (the bolt side of the axle recesses into the adjustment sliders which are shaped for the side they go on)

    Perhaps some numbnuts hasnt looked properly last time the tyre was changed or somthing. I cant see it making a difference to the nut tightening or loosing tho (its not like a kids pushbike pedals where they are turning constantly to tighten the nut) unless it has infact loosened off due to ill fitment and things not lining up?

    But its a brand new bike hey? I would put the blame squarly on the guys you purchased it from (and who put it together) and demand any costs to repair be refunded by them
  9. I had double bad luck that day. the phone bill I tried to pay over the phone 3 times... was unsuccessful and was diverted to customer service. after waiting about 30 minutes each.. i ended up paying it through bpay on the Friday before. When this whole thing happened, my mobile was disconnected. so I had to walk 15 minutes also to find a public phone.
    After speaking to the shop.. the lady said she will call me back once she speak to someone who can come and pick up the bike. since I had to be there when they pick up the bike.. i walked back... an hour later, no one called. so I had to knock on the door on a house near by to borrow the phone to call them again. the response I got was "I'm waiting for someone to call me back, we probably can't pick up the bike today." On few occasions she asked me if I can bring the bike in, after I've already told her the axle nut have fallen off... 10 minutes the owner showed up in his car... without the wheel nut! so we waited for another half hour for the mechanic to bring the nut over.... after the mechanic got there, he knows straight away of what's wrong with it and said it needs a van to pick it up. then the van finally showed up at 1pm.. that's like 3 and half hour later.. when the shop was only 20 minutes drive.
    finally got the bike out of the shop about 4:30... they were okay, cos they did not charge anything. Only thing I didn't ask for, was to pay me a day's wage... I guess, I was lucky as they was. If anything happened to me cos of it... it would not be just a new bike I ask for...
  10. The fact they fixed it and didn't ask for payment means they know they fvcked up when they assembled it.
  11. I think the fact they came and pick up the bike, fixed it... they were doing what they are suppose to do. If they treated as high priority and sent the van to pick it up at first call.. pay for the day's wage... then I'd say its great service.
    Don't get me wrong. I think they ****ed up. and they were luck I wasn't hurt or take legal actions. but I see it as a mistake they made. they did what most bike shop would do.. How many bike shop you know will admit it was their fault, pick up the bike at first call, fix the bike and offer you a days wage? If you know any,... let me know. because I want to take my bike to them.
  12. I think they did the minimum any *smarter* bike shop would do facing the same situation to be honest (the situation being them stuffing up the build on a brand new bike to the point where it is too dangerous to ride, and a potential nightmare in court if a accident occurs due to their negligence if it gets stacked on the way in - especially if under their advice to ride it in also)

    Maybe Im in La La land but if it was my shop, I would be begging you not to ride it and offering the same pickup and free repair etc hoping that would be the end of it
  13. Sounds like the axle was in the wrong way.
    When inserted left to right the wheel rotation will loosen it/opposite will tighten it.
    I thought all axles with a right hand thread went in right to left?
  14. It's been some months and I thought I'll finish the story.
    Prior to today. I thought I give "FX Powersport" (http://www.fxpowersports.com.au/) some credit. Althrough my impress of them right from the start was not great. I've decided to provide netrider users the name of the shop I'm talking about, because today, they've shown me they DO NOT deserve any credit.

    so continue on with my story... YES, the axle went in the wrong way.
    to cut long story short, I ended up going to back to them for a few reasons.

    1. couldn't find a mechanic near my work.
    2. Oil leak from clutch after only 800km (which I know is a easy fix, just need to open the clutch cover and push the o-ring back)
    3. Axle was installed the wrong way.

    because of the reasons above, I took my bike back to FX powersport. giving them a chance to redeem themself.

    I dropped the bike off this morning. and when I was asked if there are anything wrong with it. I told the owner's wife, (who act as the reciptionist and has no idea about bikes) the axle were put in the wrong way by the shop. and there is oil leak from the clutch. She didn't say too much, except she said the mechanic will give me a call around noon.

    by the time I finished work, i didn't get any calls from the shop. I thought I'll just go to the shop and see what's going on. after waiting around for 15 minutes also, she produced a invoice which contains $169 for the first service and $70 bucks for the "replacement oil seal". I asked what's the $70 for? she said, it's to stop the oil leak. "it's not under warrenty?" I said. She said, no it's not.
    I'm pissed by the fact that they want me to pay to replace an O ring for $70. also the fact they did not call to get approval for the repair.
    The truth is, it was not leaking oil when I took my bike in this morning. I've already pushed the o ring back. I knew exactly what's going on and how they are ripping me off.

    Anyway.. I know she has no idea about the bike and was only placed there because of her hudsbane. (the fact that she have asked me to ride the bike in, after I've told her the alex have come off, the previous time when I had to deal with them.) I decided I am NOT going to argue with her. even through I'm not legally have to pay any repair that was not informed in advanced. Instead, I'll go ahead and advertise this post for as long as I can remember.

    Was the o ring replaced? I don't know. If the o ring needed to be replaced, it should be cover under warranty. it is not normal wear and tear if the bike only done 800km, 1000 km or 3000 km. It didn't need to be replaced to start off. If you ever run in to the same issue with mad ass 125. open the clutch cover with screw driver. you should be able to see the o ring in the centre. just push it back in with some coat hanger.

    Was the axle in the wrong way? YES. they've put it back without explaination.
  15. Sound like cnuts.
    Nylock nuts are a one time use only yes you can use them again but they are ment to be used only once if you use them again i would advise you to use loctite with it.
  16. This pearler cost me $1400. ](*,)
  17. Yeah, it bit me too.
  18. LeoRX you are an angry young man, your bike had been tampered as was shown to you by our mechanics, there was marks on all the bolts that had been loosened, you have some bad luck or bad friends out there. Your 125 bike was picked up for free ASAP not hours later, and repaired no charge, in good faith. That locking nut on your rear axel cannot loosen on its own, as it had no damage to the thread or locking system, therefore as shown to you in details someone had tampered with it and loosened it. I also asked you if you had a disc lock on it as someone may have tried to steal the bike in that way.

    Hope your well Leo and my staff receptionist is my staff member and a beautiful lady, that did advise our work van to assist you that day, so please show her some credit.

    Be safe FX Team

    FX Powersports here to supports all riders that love that adrenalin flowing through their veins, ride hard and keep it on the black stuff!
  19. Even on a brand new bike, some things do go wrong or Malfuntion,

    Lock nuts dont just come off, There is a reason for it, Wasnt done up in the first place, Finger tight only, Usually obvious to see,
    Tampering, stealing, Etc, Some one doesnt like you, Big time,

    Walk around your bike carefully before you ride it, any scratches on Bolts, Nuts, levers, Air Valves on your tyres, Investigate fully,

    In time as you get familiar with your bike, It becomes Obvious to you if any thing is not right with your bike, Just by glancing a look at it,

    I put a brand new stuffed bearing in a motor, and had to pull the bloody motor apart again because of it,
    Manufacturers Fault, Bearing Replaced no charge, But I still had a motor to put back together, twice so far, New bearing in, It run like clockwork,

    Oil seals can be stuffed before you get them as well.
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