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Awsome tyga kit

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. We start of with a candy blue MC22
    we grind away for a couple of hours and fit the tyga kit
    then start playing with ideas and vinyl
    Paint strip and bead blast the rims
    Then throw on the powder and bake for 20mins
    paint everything up
    Its pearl white not that it can be seen in the photos
    throw on a new exhuast
    and tada
    I think im going to have to edit my banner to stick this one in it,
    Btw i know pramac is normaly a ducati but who cares
    anyways that what i do for a job
    hope this isnt breaking any TC's
    call me if ur intrested in something simmilar

  2. Nice job... Wats it cost???
  3. A Pramac Honda, that's different!

    Nice job, looks very tidy.
  4. Delicious. I wonder if Tyga make a body kit for big Hondas?

    EDIT: Yes, they do, but not the big VFR's.
  5. frame lets it down like some many other tiga kits conversions.....clean it up new/better looking heel sliders etc and then is a very tidy conversion...

    but the paint job and fairings look great =D>
  6. Real nice transformation..sweet as !
  7. the original candy blue 1 looks familiar
  8. really nice paint job and decals, top class standard of work, bet it looks better in the flesh then in the pictures :p
  9. ended up being about $1200
    but thats including new exhaust and powder coating rims and all fitting plus a couple of small things

    problem with doing the frame is it takes about 2 full days labour plus 20 year old bolts have a tendancy to do nasty things to take everything of and reassemble plus powder coating cost price jumps up quickly