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Awsome little stove thingie:

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TRA, May 15, 2012.

  1. All you touring riders need to check this thing out. http://biolitestove.com/ Boil your billy and charge your mobile phone. No need for those stupid exploding gas cartridges anymore and one less bit of kit in your luggage.

  2. That is a cool little gadget. :)
  3. I have to agree, that is pretty awesome!
  4. Amazing!

    One of the great inventions/ideas... (y)
  5. Who'da thunk it. Somebody re-invented the wood fire :LOL:
  6. I've ordered one. Not shipping till July though. Will post up a report when it arrives.
  7. Or you could make your own out of a coupla tin cans:

  8. I saw that when they were advertising "proof of concept" models. Never thought it would be commercial so fast.

    Looks sweet though, seriously considering ordering one.
  9. The stove bit looks like a device called the Volcano (I think; my memory is soup these days) that's been around for donkey's years but the electrical generation bit is an interesting development.
  10. The peltier device in it drives a fan and thats the part I am interested in. Means hotter fire.

    The charger part is just a bonus!
  11. I've been waiting for years for Peltier devices that are geared up for electricity generation. They've been used for years as electrical powered heat pumps, but the doping of the PN junctions was not suitable to get useful levels out when the role was reversed.

    If they can be made even more efficient then the huge amounts of wasted heat from internal combustion engines would become useful for doing more than just heating the occupants of cars during winter.
  12. Awesome invention. A petrol stove is more useful on a bike IMHO but another 12V outlet would always be handy (on the bottom of a custom billy??).
  13. Yeah if only they were made more efficient. I always wondered if it was possible to adapt that to the heating system...leeching wasted heat to produce useful electricity...hell Hybrid cars would go nuts with that!

    I remember studying about it at uni and the lecturer said, if these were made more efficient and cheaply...you can make a whole wall out of it. Toasty during winter, cool during summer :). Also refrigeration would be made more compact. I wonder who the leading company is in this kind of research. Always interested in that stuff.
  14. I use a foldable single burner from Kathmandu. Tiny and boils a litre of tap juice in no time.

    I have ciggie sockets rigged on the bike, enough to charge my netbook over a days ride.
    And keep my sansa clip + charged with some fairly large headphone drivers. No worries.

    A simple LED light is more than enough to light a 3 man tent well, and the batterys last forever.

    If I ever found myself needing even more power, I'd buy a small solar panel, and rig it up to the bike battery.

    But then I go bush to get away from all the modcons, sit around a fire, with a J or a few cans, and watch the moon, go fishing. Find some nice roads to recharge the battery on :)
  15. I got a gas stove, and all the shit hot hiking gear. But there is nothing more enjoyable than cooking up your feed or making you coffee on a fire. This thing works for me.
  16. Fair enough

    but for myself I'd just start a proper fire, rocks and all. lots of free time when your camping. And a open air fire can be any size you want, if I had a larger bike, i'd probably bring a decent sized pot, so I could cook vegies from scratch, and have enough hot water to bath with.

    Can these things be used in fire season legally?
  17. Actually, I was more interested in using it for hiking, not the bike, but that all depends on size/weight. Still, I am interested in checking it out. I dont normally take electronics other than a camera, so the charger part is not likely to get used much.

    In QLD, you are not allowed open fires in state forests for the best part. I doubt this would be allowed to be used in fire season or not, but thats never stopped me before. When I hike alone, I always light up a little fire. Pretty unlikely to find a parks officer around a remote bushcamp at night!

    What I currently use is a trangia, with the gas burner. Its just not the same!
  18. Get a metho burner trangia. Best camping equipment you can buy. Damn efficent, I raced my gastop stove with one to boil water and it boiled 3 times as quickly.

  19. Don't get me wrong, they sound like a great thing to give to the insanely large starving population of Africa; 53grams of wood to boil water, thats practically nothing. It'd surely help in aid camps. Rice takes a long time to cook on an open fire, and would require much more wood than these.

    But at 1kilo as apposed to 30grams + 400gram canister, I wont be taking it hiking, thats a lot of food you could be taking.