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Awsome discs, shame about the service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pete the pom, May 27, 2005.

  1. For anyone looking to buy brake discs for their bike, be advised. Awsome discs in ringwood give very poor service. The tail goes like this:

    Monday: Ring Awsome Discs to buy 2 front discs and a rear for 1996 GTR1000. Paid by credit card over phone. Promise they will be with me for Thursday morning for fitment that night.

    Thursday: courier turns up at work as usual on his daily run. No discs. Ring Awsome Discs they tell me they missed the courier truck. I tell them I need the discs as the bike has a temp vic roads permit booked for friday to take the bike for rego. "I'll send them friday" is the responce from awsome discs. I inform them that I will drive from the western burbs of melbourne to come and get them after work. Jumps in the van drives from Laverton to Ringwood. Awsome discs tell me the discs are not ready. ??????. I sit outside Awsome discs for 40 minutes waiting. Its now 6pm. Grabs the discs puts them in the van. Go to brighton to fit them. Takes them out of bubble rap. Wrong discs. The front discs are an odd pair of differant sizes and the rear disc is of such poor quality that it looks like it was made by Stevie Wonder. All the bolt holes are oval in shape and the finish is shocking.

    Good engough they have give me a full refund because I said I didn't want to deal with them anymore but I'm still without discs and no further forward than I was on Monday so still cant get a RWC and cant get any rego.

    Can anyone tell me where to get a set of good quality aftermarket discs in Melbourne?
  2. Hmmmm, this is a timely post as I am starting to look for a front replacement set for the viffer.

    I know Chain Gang in Qld make rotors but besides them and OEM gear what do we have locally?

    Might not be getting in touch with Awsome Disks if that is their level of service. A blind guy must have packed them to miss the different sized fronts.
  3. YOu could always source a set of Braking Disc for the Viffer Jake.
    try www.braking.it
    there are a couple of guys that sell them. However they are not cheap though (eg for the Duke they are 400 each) they do make the wavy rotor ones as well
  4. The thing that pissed me off more than anything was because I had sat outside for 40 minutes and in a rush to get them fitted to the bike that night I just grabed the discs and left the shop without checking them myself. It stud out like dogs nuts how crap they where. I'm so pissed off with myself.
  5. Planet Discs 4/6 Woodbine Crt, Wantirna, 9801 7067
    He's a "grumpy old &^%$" but a good tradie....actually ...he's the dad of the guy from awesome discs/ Ringwood.
  6. WOW what luck!! I just got off the phone to my brake pad supplier and he informed me he has Floating disks in stock!! I can get the front disks for the GTR1000 at $300 each and rear at $200...

    I can get disks to suit most other bikes at similar prices...

    EDIT: and I forgot to mention they come with new pads...
  7. I just got off the phone with a mob up in queensland who have let me open an account with them because I have an ABN. He said $200 plus gst per disc. Just waiting for him to ring me back after he puts me in his computer system to get a credit card number and get them on there way.

    I rang Planet Discs but the phone keeps ringing out. I think they may be at the superbikes in WA this weekend?
  8. TB is your supplier in Melbourne? Would like to get this bike on the road ASAP
  9. Unfortuantely my guy is in Quensland :( the quickest I can get them is on monday or at least as fast as express post... I do need a deposit as lately I have bought heap of parts for people who never picked them up!!
  10. Im not going to use him incase shit customer service runs in the family
  11. Your choice...
  12. Can I ask what brand/where the discs are coming from in QLD that you guys refer to?
  13. I'm now really pissed off. After being messed around by Awsome discs last week I just got a balance of my credit card and found out that they have still taken the money out of my account even though I have returned the discs and they told me they would stop the payment. I am so pissed off at awsome discs and the piss weak service these guys have supplied from start to finish. I highly recommend people dont use these guys at all because they just dont seem to care at all about customer service or giving a quality product.
  14. yeah I had a similar problem once b4 where money was taken out of my credit account even though the transaction was canceled... I had to come back with the credit card to the shop and they had to put it through the machine again... 3 days later the money reapeared in the account!!!
  15. The guyat awsome discs has told me he dosent know how to refund money on a card transaction so he posted me a cheque on friday. What a load of shit. I will be even more pissed off if I have to take more time off work to drive down to his workshop again to go and get my money back. Like I've said in previous posts I advise all netrider folk to avoid this company full stop. They have been nothing but trouble from the outset lying to me and not delivering the goods.
  16. Slightly O/T but I bought some Movie ticket online a couple of weeks ago and paid with my c/card. When I got to movie I asked to cancel the c/card transaction and buy different tickets with cash. They said it was all fine and even issued me with a receipt for the refund on my c/card.

    Ended up taking a week and a half for the refund to come through. Apparently even though they do the c/card payments instantly on their computer system, for some reason the refunds are done manually "when they have enough to justify someone doing them."

  17. Slightly! Yeah just like Perth is slightly out of the way when going to Sydney from Melbourne!
  18. JUst a quick reminder that awsome discs are shit
  19. you should change your nick to " the whinging pom"

    let it go
  20. So Pete, don't just sit on the fence here - do you recommend them or not?