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Awesome Weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bear Arse, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. What perfect weather it's been in the Northern Rivers this weekend. The sun is out but I'm not sweating in my leathers.

    Saturday was a little bit of work in the morning then out for a solo fang through the hills and valleys, plenty of other bikes and riders out. Then home for dinner and beers.

    Sunday was a surf followed by taking the missus for a tour then picking up beers and ingredients for dinner on the way back. The normal bike parking spot at Ballina Fair was wall to wall bikes :- never seen that before :)

    Wish all weekends were this good!
  2. Been a bit up and down here on the far south coast. The weather dogs haven't managed to string two sunny days in a row yet this winter.

    Still my favourite time of the year though. If only the days were longer and the sun wasn't so low in the sky :)
  3. Stunning weather in Mexico. Got out yesterday, as usual went somewhere other than where I originally intended, but did not get a chance today. Photos to come.
  4. Well gents looks like this weekends going to be more of the same, up here anyway :D

    Photos sound like a good idea, I never think to bring the camera.
  5. Hope to get out too - small digital camera is a must on a leisure ride these days.
    You have to check out and post on this thread: