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Awesome taxi drivers!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Netterhead1, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. While there is a F*&^ING taxi driver thread why not have an awesome taxi drivers thread. yes some are blind retards, but there are some like the oone today who while i was filtering and got stuck next to him, wound down his window, in the rain, and folded his mirror in so that i could pass!.

    post your good taxi driver encounters. lets see how many there are!
  2. :-w :-w

    I've got nothin
  3. probably noob taxi driver.

    phong =P~
  4. +1 maybe there's not a whole lot to be said and you may have found a taxi driver that has a bike
  5. +1

    I'd be interest to see if people do have any good experiences from taxi drivers..

    And when they cut you off without looking 100 times for every one nice deed they do...
  6. trust me he wasn't doing you a favor, he just remembered the last run in with a rider when they got the shits and bashed his mirror off :LOL:
  7. once when me and my mates were on the why home from the pub, our taxi got into a street drag with some p plater. we went upto about 120-130km/h :grin:
  8. You may think that is good, but after they have just pulled a 12 hour shift, you really want them to be racing people? Not me thanks.

    I thought about it... and I came up dry, nothing good to say. :?
  9. +1

    Constantly chasing them out of the driveway to my building cause they think they can park there.
  10. Often when I catch a taxi I try and bring the conversation around to motorcycles and use it as an opportunity to explain our side of the story.
    Why we split, that it shouldnt anger them, that everyone needs to be careful and look for us etc.

    Hopefully it helps a little.
  11. +1 ... good thinkin' !!
  12. i didnt think we'd get any positive responses. i came up dry thinking of any other ones
  13. I had a taxi give me way on round about, even tough it was his right of way.
  14. The other day I actually had one give way to me as well. Even though I had right of way! I was impressed. :LOL:
  15. Our cabbies are fantastic!!! They actually look out for motorcyclists, sit back and don't tailgate!!

    And if you tip them, they'll wait out the front of the house till the door is open to make sure you get in!!!

    Last cab I caught had blue and red lights on the roof, tho...

    After a wedding, couldn't get a cab and the duty sergeant gave us a lift home so we didn't have to sit around all dressed up!!
  16. A cab changed lanes on me today... and he indicated first.. What a great frickin bloke eh??? am I right?? eh???

    And it was ONE second before he changed lanes!!!

    Frickin Champion!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  17. And Kudos to the one who reversed over me in the city a year and a half ago when I was the only other vehicle on the road..... :( Nope no positives here!!! :evil:
  18. I saw one indicate properly going in and out of a round-a-bout.... best i've seen :LOL:
  19. Anyone thinking that this dude rides a bike in his spare time???

  20. I've gotta thank the cabbie who managed to wake up due to me screaming "WATCH OUT FOR THE fcukING TREE!!!!!!" after he fell asleep, failed to round a bend and almost went up driveway into a fcuking massive gum tree but instead spun it around the road, then making me wait till another cab came then expected me to pay. Since he destroyed his axle and wheels...

    He was off the road for quite a while I imagine. Did us all a favour.