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Awesome Riding Weather Today

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Snowie, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. How awesome was the weather today for riding? While taking the kids to their respective footy matches in the cage, was most jealous of the ALL the bikes that were passing me in the opposite direction, mostly on their way up to Kinglake or Yea I guess. Lucky the kids finished their footy early and I could convince (doesn't take much ;)) the mentor to take me out for a spin! Finally, I am having fun riding the bike instead of fretting and panicking every time we go out!

  2. Yep lots of people making the most of the sunshine. I was lucky to be out there too!

    You might have passed me heading up to Kinglake this morning :)
  3. fantastic who was the guy i spoke too in avonsliegh and folowed to rowville what ride were you guys from? iwas on the gaytona you were on a Buell
  4. I've heard on the Sat am learners ride that you ride a V-Star ... was it you on the black V-Star about 10am in between the Yan Yean cemetery and Donnybrook Rd on Plenty Rd Luke???? If it was, my hubby might have seen you while he was heading out from Whittlesea with our little fella on the back!
  5. grumble grumble biatch moan :(

  6. Was a fantastic day ,
    we headed out from home , to Whittlesea , Strathcreek , Highlands ,
    Seymour, Pyalong , Macedon , Woodend and home again ...... another 350+ km's. Awesome :D:D

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  7. Sounds like a great ride Kitt. Hubby and I are gonna take a ride sometime over the Easter break from (where we live in) Whittlesea to Yea to Seymour and back down the Hume to the Wandong turn off and back to Whittlesea. Should be a good run for a novice learner like me!

    Did a 70km run from Whittlesea to the Hume via Donnybrook Rd, up to the Wandong turn off and then down the Wandong-Wallan-Whittlesea Rd back to Whittlesea. Finally felt like I was having fun riding instead of fretting and worrying and what I was doing. Can't wait to go on Easter run now!
  8. Aww ... LOL Johnno, come on ride with us!
  9. howlong now john?not too long i hope
  10. Fantastic work Snowie :D

    I love it out that way , you are so lucky it's just outside your front door ,
    we have a 50 min ride just to get there , but it's worth it :D

    Hopefully my ' mentor ' and I will catch up with you and your ' mentor' one day soon :D
  11. *waves* back at ya Greg :D
  12. Definitely Kitt, just let us know when you are thinking of heading out this way and we will definitely meet you for a ride. You can meet us at our place for a cuppa, a piece of cake and a rest before we head off!
  13. I've got a white V-Star but today I was out on my R1.
  14. I could do the roads out there all day ... LOL

    Needless to say we do them often now , last 2 times we stopped in Whittlesea a large group of Harley/cruiser riders went past ,
    so we had to wait at least half an hr before taking off LOL ..
    Today Bruce decided we weren't stopping there just in case :-s
    So our first stop was Strath Creek for coffee :D
    And a well deserved ciggie break for Bruce ... LOL
  15. hey bud - good day for it!
  16. yea great ride on the spurs catchup with ya soon
  17. There are Harleys going through Whittlesea all the time ... at all hours, at all times during the week. I often hear them going past when I'm downstairs having my ciggie (we can just see Whittlesea-Yea Rd from our place). No need to stop for them ... most of them are really nice blokes, even the patch members. Hubby rides a Harley and we ride with the Harleys fairly often (me as pillion on those occasions coz I'm just not fast or experienced enough!!!) ... don't let their 'image' fool you! There's a patch ride on Good Friday (I think through the Kinglake hills) if you are interested in coming. You don't need to ride a Harley to attend! Let me know and I'll send you the details.

    Like I said, let us know when you next intend to head up this way .. we'd love to ride with you (as long as you can cope with a slow poke like me!!! :))
  18. It's all good Snowie ,

    Wasn't worried bout riding with the Harleys,
    we just didn't want to interrupt their ride ...
    And as I'm not keen on riding in a big group it was a better idea to wait .

    I'm not quick either Snowie , so no need to worry bout being a 'slowcoach'
    Bruce likes taking off on me through the twisties , gives him at least 5 or so mins to stop and have a ciggie before I catch up :-s