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Awesome product on Amazon, should we do a group buy?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nuff, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Because Bloody cagers don't pay little enough attention already
  2. The reviews are hysterical :LOL:

  3. gold...but it needs to be on a free rotational system, so you can still read upright in the middle of a corner
  4. Another comment there is:

    "I bought this item 6 months ago and its great. I can read while driving and best of all, I can move it to a new car everytime i crash my current one.

    So far, I've gone through 5 cars in 6 months, and this thing attaches to every steering wheel.

    My insurance company is threatening to drop me, but without this item, I simply wouldn't be able to fill out my insurance form while driving. Too bad about the small type on their contracts, tho. Now I'll need a 6th car! "


  5. I like this review. we have a budding American Ktulu here...

    By Ryan (California) -
    This is great! But I ride a motorcycle. I wonder when they plan to come out with the version that attaches to my handlebars so that I can more easily enjoy my favorite novels while I'm dodging California traffic on the freeway.

    My current strategy of taping the book to the inside of my helmet has been working fine, but it takes too long to set up.