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awesome, lucky, and crazy

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nadski, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. WTF ???!!!
    Initial thoughts :
    Crazy mofo ! Balls of steel ! Possessed ! Amazing riding skills !!! LUNATIC !!!
    My verdict ?
    I f***ing LOVE it, although dangerously suicidal !
  2. I think nickers response sums it up for me.
    Though i'm not entirely sure some of the splitting filtering sections weren't sped up to make it look faster
  3. 1st thought: Brownyy stole someone's bike.

    Berloody hell. Guy knows what being alive feels like.

    possible, but he's slipping the clutch at the same time unless engine note is directly proportional to engine speed.
  4. farrkk u see that traffic, wouldnt you :D
  5. I'm surprised it hasn't been posted already, but that looks to me like the speed of the footage has been increased by a ballpark 20%.

    Kinda like the same f*wit who posted a lag fix video for the samsung galaxy s but the video speed was increased so his thumb was moving at faster than whats possible on this planet.

    I'd be happy to eat my words if im wrong but it sure looks that way.

    Edit: Oh it was posted already, missed that :p But yeah I second the motion that the playback speed of the footage has been increased, pun intended.
  6. I agree.

    Not sure that the speed has been increased the whole way through, but there are parts where it has been sped up with out a doubt.
  7. what a freakin' nut bar.
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    I agree some parts seem like they could be sped up, but even so, the speed he does relative to the traffic is still insane. Some of those lane splits are SO close.

    He kinda reminds me of this guy:
    sideways in the wet on a zx-9r
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  10. Not being able to view these vids sucks ass.... Seriously having a "not a fan of china" moment...

    I'll just pretend i've seen it and make up something from all I can glean from the comments..

  11. Double white lines = Thin Motorbike express lane?8-[
  12. When I was in holiday last year in Turkey I experienced the same thing as YT was blocked for a while. I told the internet cafe owner and he showed me how to view it using backdoor proxies.

    Try this site:

  13. Thanks for that mate - regrettably, I have a double issue, as our servers reside in HK that offices manages out connection and this site is banned...

    Oh well....
  14. I kinda just assumed it was, given how easily the rear is kicking out under hard acceleration and braking, also I'm pretty sure you can see some patches of standing water, and the road looks quite shiny in some points of the video.

    It could be dry, kinda hard to tell with the low resoloution but It seems greasey to me, like it stopped raining a couple hours ago and had started to dry but hadn't yet.