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Awesome Display of Control (Video)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Lucius, Apr 13, 2012.

  2. Not this again...
  3. phfft you can see that every saturday morning down at bp ellwood
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  4. I bet he still went slower than the harley solo's.
  5. Even with a full face you can still tell it's a Jap riding it. They just have that "stuck" on style with no real flair to it.
    Still not an easy task with a bike like thats high COG.
    Usually get about five minutes before the rear brake fades out.
  6. How under geared is that bike. Look at the size of the rear sprocket.
  7. Or geared for the purpose. 1st is to jerky, and OEM second would have bogged down too far on the 180's.
  8. one day i will understand the physics behind the rear brake and its ability to allow motorcycles to do such crazy things.
  9. Massive risers, the handlebars are almost above the screen.
  10. It looks like he gives it a little pat at the end like the showjumpers do on their horses...but that just might be the romantic in me...