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Awesome clip of Nicky Hayden & Max Biaggi

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kraven, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Stolen off the cbr250 forums

    Click Here

    Absolutely amazing what these guys can do on any bike :shock:

  2. That is a great video WOO HOO I'd love to be able to do that :)
  3. Bloody brilliant. Looks like a hoot!
  4. AGREED! :grin:
  5. and Max still manages to almost stuff a wheelie.
  6. That was awesome!! :grin:
  7. very true :LOL:
  8. I can do that , but I don't wanna...nah actually I couldn't at all :) Great stuff!

  9. And almost knock over the camera at the end :rofl:
  10. someone should tell them that no one likes a smart arse.... :rofl: thats great riding, man i wish i could do that, i need practice and i need a smaller bike that dont matter if it falls over. I am too paranoid of scratching my ol girl. That reminds me, forgot to tuck her in! *runs outside to put blanket over her*
  11. Max admitted 2 seasons ago that the super motard was helping his riding style. But yep he still can botch a mono as good as anyone.
  12. Great Vid. Downloaded it