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Awesome brake upgrades

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Loz, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Amazing - improve your brakes with this tiny and rooly rooly effective device:


    My favourite's the testimonials page.

    The new revolution in braking: spongy-ass brakes!
  2. yep, i'll buy one, or i just may slip an air bubble in to my line :LOL:
  3. :-s

    I'd be surprised if any of those bikes in the testimonials page could lock up the front wheel... so a device that limits braking force isn't going to help is it?!


    TCB - "Totally Crap and Bogus" perhaps?
  4. OMG what a bullsh** product! I'm astonished that Lockhart Phillips and
    Zodiac would put their names anywhere near it...

    Actually, come to think of it Zodiac sell Harley parts and it's hard to make
    one of them brake any worse... :grin: just kidding, they're a lot better
    than they were.

    But anyhow, if you want to VOID your insurance and crash your bike due
    to not having enough braking power available, go ahead!

    So in other words, he doesn't know how to use the brake properly, is
    SCARED of it, and now has LESS braking power available? Why not just
    take a riding course and LEARN how to use the front brake PROPERLY!

    NOT TRUE. ABS brakes detect the wheel slowing its rotation, and
    reduce the brakes BEFORE the wheel has stopped turning.

    There are so many holes in this website I could go on for hours...
    I have only one thing to say for anyone that has bought one of these:
    "Hey, would you like to buy an adjustable powerband, only $9.95?
    How about some replacement Halogen Blinker Fluid?"
  5. But it's the "Biggest Invention in the Motor Sports Industry since the Helmet" ;) (though can't help the feeling that the helmet may actually predate the motor sports industry by a few thousand years). Can't wait for the TV infomercial.
  6. Give im a break....he probably rides a Harley :LOL:
  7. Hotcam, the users are talking cruiser style bikes, which due to their weight distribution, rely more on back brake than front.

    I used to think the same as you, until a very wise NR (no longer here) set me straight about cruiser braking versus sports mbike braking.
  8. Having owned a couple of cruisers and ridden many more the same rules
    apply, the only difference is how much rear brake you can use at maximum
    and with a cruiser it's 30-40%, sportsbike its 0-10%. Either way you still
    get most of your stopping power out of the front, and to reduce the
    effectiveness of it is IMHO just dumb.
  9. Good point! :LOL:
  10. Oh I agree mate.

    I was commenting on the testimonial author - if they have only ever ridden a cruiser, they might not know any different regarding front and rear brake.
  11. I had an MZ with the cable version of one of these.

    Well I could get the lever all the way back to the bars without the wheel locking anyway :grin: .
  12. sounds pretty darn sophisticated, i wonder could it be tuned to calculate the coefficient of friction, relative to the tire footprint, to provide for a perfect rolling stoppie?
    I am sure its built-in coefficient/footprint calculator would be more than capable :grin: