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Awesome bike videos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by TonySV, May 14, 2006.

  1. Stumbled across this site which has some of THE best bike videos I have seen.

    Professional productions quality.. Heaps of different locations, camera angles and cool sound tracks.. Even my g/f who hates bikes loved watching these.


    If you dont like these vid's your hard to please..

  2. I must be hard to please because I didn't really like the two I watched.

    I don't like bike videos where I can't hear the bikes.

    Ones like these are my preferred style.

  3. Yeah there's a bunch of nice CB900 stuff there... Although yeah I got a bit bored of the constant camera angle switching, and although I enjoyed the fetishistic style, there wasn't much really going on.
  4. I must be hard to please too. All the angle switching was very annoying, mostly just either showing fairly static shots of sky, wheel, rider head, or 3/4's of the screen taken up by the tank/instruments and a tiny bit of the scenery visible. Music, being depressional/suicide themed heavy metal isn't exactly my taste either.

    I did like the interesting camera angle of the static bike at the start, but once things got moving, there wasn't an awful lot to see. Would've really appreciated the starts followed by one or two well positioned wide-angled shots of whole hot laps, or road segments, rather than random flipping from angle to angle with zero concept of where the bike is or what it's doing for half the time, and no real sense of continuity.

    In short, I see that the guy's trying to capture the excitement by switching to different angle, but really all the action at a track when riding is wide-eyed straight-ahead, and mixing it up with someone who's riding at about your speed.
  5. I LOVE the Whackpack clip found at that link!! Well put together stunting clip!!!
  6. I guess ive watched too many vid's where riders stick a camera on there tank and you get the squirt upto 299km and a wheelie for good measure.. And to make matter worst the footage is shoot through a dirty windshield..

    I found them to be a good change up.. Sorry to waist you time ;)

    Im gonna sit down and watch the MotoGP..

  7. dunno how many stunt videos you've seen but that just looks like a bunch of retarded monkeys got let out with a camera and high powered bikes. i admit there are some nice tricks there like the swerving wheelie at the start, but the rest of the video is just plain idiotic. notice how the video cuts just before you think they crash? they probably did thats why :roll: stunting isnt about crashing heaps (and very badly with no gear at all) while attempting to do a hard trick :?

    on topic, those videos were cool and i agree tony. much better than a really fast run in a straight line and a wheelie all from on the same camera. :)
  8. Those are lame too...
  9. I liked the Michael Jordan Clip.

    I love when he gets out of the BMW that Rossi just hotlapped with him in. "Never Again!"
  10. You can't please most of the people most of the time...LMAO.

    Thanks for the vid clip mate. Beats watching the crap on tv at night.
  11. very nice, ive been hunting for videos everywhere :p
  12. Very cool.
    And each to there own.
    It is very crazy what some people on these bikes do. There mums must be so proud :? :)