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Awesome Advice From Peter Steven's Salesperson

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kiss_the_future, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. A few weeks back i was in the market for a new leather suit...so i visted a few peter stevens outlets to source out what brands fit me best and what size i needed.

    Well after trying on a few different suits from one piece to two, and from alpinestars to dainese i finally made a decision to go with the dainese. Now during my time dealing with the salesperson i clearly stated that i would be returning to the gym and will be putting on some size. Yet the salesperson was very confident in saying that the suit will stretch out and that there is enough room in the suit to gain another 5kg easy.

    Well after actually using the suit for a few hours of riding it becomes very painful in my manhood region. I'm talking its like have my nuts in a vice. I think the salesperson overlooked my height and advised me to buy the suit becomes it was a tight fit...but the suit seems to short therefore its too tight.

    Can anything be done to help with this problem, or have i just spent money on a worthless suit?
  2. ehh... don't eat for a week or two...?

    sorry :)

    I've bought a suit a while ago and also this sales persons insisted on a rather small suit... "It'll stretch lafter some time... " well, it does to some extend, but I ended up buying a new suit... my girlfriend now uses the other one, and yes, she could gain at least 5 kg without a problem :)
  3. There's always castration. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Now you know never to trust a sales person.

    Anything that risks your nuts is not worth doing :LOL: Cut your loses and sell the suit on eBay.

    Sounds like it cost you a lot as well...how much did it set you back?
  5. Other than disposing of the suit, you could probably put in a protective cup for a while, that should stretch the suit and give the boys a little more room.

  6. As a serious answer: Salesmen at Peter Stevens are just that. They are salesmen. There's no reason to assume they've ever even actually ridden a bike. Therefore, no reason to assume they have any fcuking idea what they're talking about.

    I don't know where area 51 is, but if it's anywhere near Melboune, try 'Rider's Edge' on Bell St, Heidelburg Heights. They're MX riders, but they do know the products they sell.
  7. Well thankfully i purchased the suit off ebay otherwise it would have set me back $2400...yet i still payed around the $1800 dollar mark for a suit which looks like i might have to get rid of...thanks to a crappy salesperson.
  8. I'd suggest...

    1. A regular diet of Viagra for a week, that should help streach that region of your suit.

    2. Return the suit and ask for a bigger size

    3. Return the suit and get your money back then look up Tiger Angel, Underdog, Scorpion or an number of other companies that make custom suits which are much cheaper than a dainese suit.

    3. Mars leather or other leather workers could make some adjustments
  9. And poor ones at that.
  10. They've been reasonable with me actually Matt. I even had one of the salespeople (name withheld) tell me to go to a different store to find a pair of gloves because none of the ones they had were perfect for me. I thought that was pretty good, they could have tried to give me the whole "even though you can barely get your hands into them they'll stretch" thing but the person seemed to be more interested in me finding the right product than making a sale. Left a good impression.

  11. haha. you need sydney sales people. i went in to MCAS in the city, served by a girl who looked as far froma rider as possible yet still knew all the stuff like how itll move around when your riding, itll fold and rip if its too big and all that stuff. but stupid me bought the cheapest leather jacket there and insisted on a size bigger than i needed :roll: :oops: underdogs for me when i get the cash and after ive bought boots.
  12. Not all salesmen are stupid Justin. Most of them are actually pretty clued on. It doesn't take a genious to realise you're a pretty damn smart guy. If the gloves don't fit he knows you'll see that. Why would he continue trying to sell you something you're not going to buy (when it's a $50 pair of gloves)? Much better to leave a good impression, then get a tidy commission when you come back looking for a new helmet, leathers, tank bag, etc... I'm not saying this is what happened but it makes sense for them to give up on a lost cause if it'll help with future sales. :)
  13. Damn, you're right Seany, and here I was thinking my faith in man was about as cynical as it could be :LOL:

  14. Don't worry mate, I even surprise myself how cynical I can be when sales people are trying to empty my wallet for me. :shock: :LOL:
  15. 1000 posts eh? Congrats :)

  16. Thanks mate! Yes, I'm very proud of myself. :D It takes a lot of sacrifices on one's social life to get that sort of post count. 8) :LOL:
  17. you could always try to put the suit on the right way around :LOL:
  18. you're talking about the girl with the european accent right? if so, take my word for it, she can ride. she frequents the sydney knights rides and i have always found her to be really a really helpful (if not the best) salesperson at MCAs :D
  19. I am extremmely sympathic to your situation let me say 1st up.
    2ndly let me say "are you blind or just stupid " (sorry had to get that out of my system) after all the posts that have been up here about peter stevens , and there service ( or lack off it) of bikes and there sales people you still went there and bought a suit.
    and to make things worse you spent serious $$$ , not like a $20 item.

    you will find that they wont be to helpfull now , i pretty much garentee that.
  20. Area 51, eh? that explains why the suit feels a little alien :LOL:

    I couldn't help thinking of Mr Granger in "Are you being served". "Oh, yes, sir the sleeves will ride up/come down with wear!"

    You've been done, my friend. IF they won't take the suit back/alter it/refund it, hie yourself off to the local version of our Fair Trading Office (old Consumer Affairs) and holler till you're blue in the face.

    Then go and see Underdog, or Scorpion or Racemaster, people who support Netrider and offer a discount, and GET LOOKED AFTER, not just SOLD.

    OH and congrats on now being incorrigible, seany :D