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Awareness of other riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vinz, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. We are all used to drivers not noticing you right, but what about other riders? And are you always aware of other riders around you?

    Has anyone had an accident (or close encounter) involving another bike?
  2. Close encounter. Was about to pull over to the left and stop, after a car turned into a driveway, when a HD split on the inside. I did notice him behind me before the vehicle slowed and turned. He hasd to swerve into the parking lane to avoid a collision.
  3. Close encounter

    Perth Freeway heading north in LH lane. Saw the light in my mirror -- bike splitting between middle and RH lanes. Within 100 metres of my off-ramp (I even had my indicator on), bike (Honda 250 thingie with "RR" on the fairing) cut from far right, across the middle lane, behind me, then overtook me on the left up the breakdown lane. :roll: I guess had i been maybe 2 seconds faster, I would have taken him out.

    My horn blast earned me the finger. :jerk:
  4. crazy people are equal opportunists - it doesn't matter to them whether they use a car or a bike. Add that to the little mistakes everyone makes, and you get a response to your question!

  5. However many times you look in the mirrors, bikes tend to be faster than the general flow of traffic, and they can sneak up on you.

    My personal 'hate' is the rider who filters to the front, then blocks the lane for anyone else, instead of looking, and moving over a bit.

    What I have found is that if you see a rider coming up behind you, is to either move over in an exaggerated fashion, or kick the right leg out a bit, so they at least know you have seen them coming.
    If we are then approaching the traffic, I will sometimes let the rider behind go first through the traffic, especially if they have a narrow bike.
    I commute on an 1800, so I can be stopped when a narrower bike could fit.
  6. Couple of times now I've had bikes come zooming past me, lane splitting...

    But yesterday morning I was on Lane Cove waiting at a red traffic light with quite a few cars infront of me. I make a point to constantly checking my mirrors to see what's going on behind me... Now I'm sitting more or less in the centre of the lane. I notice this scooter lane splitting and the fool stops almost shoulder to shoulder next to me. I'm thinking, shyte, there is no way this guy can go before me so he'll just have to wait for me to move away.

    Also I remember the post about STD :LOL: and I'm thinking this scooter is WAY too close to me for comfort.

    As all of this is going in my head, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a yellow sports bike lane splitting, zooming past both of us and stop right at the front. Bearing in mind - I'm in the centre of my lane. The scooter almost right next to me, which doesn't leave much room for even a bike to lane split but the guy did...

    Anyway, STD in mind, as soon as the lights turned green, I got away from the scooter as fast as I could! :LOL:
  7. Years ago when my wife was still riding she was following behind me. I stopped at the lights - she wasn't paying attention - hit the brakes too hard in the wet and ran up the rear of my bike... She still hasn't lived it down :LOL:
    (and she never will either) :twisted:
  8. Bikes are the most difficult to spot and keep track of.
    Generally speaking the cagers remain fairly static in their positioning relative to each other....Bikes on the other hand, are often moving around through the traffic, and are alot harder to keep an eye on.
    I sure am. :grin:

    Be especially vigilant when other riders are around, and try to be more predictable yourself when you are around other riders.

    Edit...some sportsbikes mirrors are reluctant to show anything directly behind them except the riders elbows, so if you come up on one, don't sit in their blind spot...wander out into their mirror-vision so they can see you.
  9. I nearly ran over a motorcycle with my car. As I approached a right turn, and veered into the right turn lane, the motorcycle behind me accelerated rapidly past me on my right. He was just too fast for me see him. We both dodged at the last split second. He was angry that I almost hit him, until I pointed out that he passed me on the right. Sometimes riders forget that the power and acceleration of our own bikes are not what the average driver has experienced. Defensive driving is even more valuable for bikers than it is for drivers. At least drivers are encased in a roll cage.
  10. just this morning heading to work on the gore hill free way just around the cameray on ramp, i was changing lanes to the left from the center lane, so i check my mirror, and slowly start to merge as i do a head check, and then i see three cop bikes in full ceromonial gear. now i hadnt left my lane, but jesus it scared the shit out of me, and the three of them made sure i knew what the thought of me as they went past :oops:

    i was still able to see the funny side of it though
  11. Don't forget to check your mirror when thinking of overtaking a car/bike because your buddy might already be out there starting to pass you both. Thats one reason why I only ride with people I trust.
  12. i had some kid try to do a stoppie right in frnt of me for no reason lane splitting. i mean its common sence not to do that then and there. yet the person continues to overract his stoppie and crown mabye 5 inches of the ground. only then to throttle his 900cc bike and take off again.

    apart from that. ive had riders lane splitting that dont look for other riders in when they are coming up. those riders i like to have a work to.
  13. I had a p-plater motorcyclist, indicate (and this was when i started to brake...), head check and then still change lanes and cut me off... hopefully the people he was riding with explained what he did.
  14. I was cruising to work recently on a single lane bit of road which goes into 2 lanes, as I went to pull into the left lane this dickhead on a Vic rego ZX14 went up the inside almost clipped me, worst thing was he/she had a pillion as well
  15. The worst one, of course (which thankfully I haven't experienced) is the bike running wide on a corner and involving another bike in a head-on.
  16. Close call:

    A month on my L's and I'm happily puttering along on the roads between Belgrave and Berwick in VIC. Taking a corner at the speed limit, I was shocked to discover two guys blasting by my at a billion miles an hour leaning down into the corner.... leaving me wedged at the outside of the lane trying to get around.

    I had been aware of them off in the middle distance in my rear vision, but was totally stunned when they were suddenly on the inside of me.