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Awareness film in the mind's eye.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. On my normal commute to help pass the sometimes tediousness of a hard day today I started narrating my journey home like I was making a training film, amazing how perceptive we really are when we ride, by consciously, rather than subconsciously looking around and making comments on observations (in my head not out loud) I surprised myself and it also imho raised my level or awareness even more.
    Maybe I'll invest in a cam and do it for real.

  2. Re: What I did on my ride home this afternoon.

  3. Smee, this is the most interesting and intriguing post I've read all week, not only because it's a great idea (and a film I'd like to see), but also because the way your syntax runs on and into and over itself has poetic quality that evokes the whole stream of consciousness thing you're talking about. (I don't care if its simply because its been a long day, and your tired and can't be arsed, it's still a good thing.)

    Either way, I say do it! (y)
  4. Hire a cam man and do it! I for one would love to watch this video, I'm just learning to ride now, and it could pass on some very important pointers, something that cannot be passed on in text.
  5. Yes, I agree, Smee.
    It does and will, raise the level of awareness, and help a rider remain focussed on the task at hand, during those more tedious times on a bike.

  6. Oh darling how simply wonderful......

    ...and people call me crazy, how delectable that you and I both hear voices in our head.

    Smeetie, I knew we had much in common........

    Darling I envision this in the Cinema Verite' style, but with a Jacques Tati bent.......
  7. Can it still be called "On the Road"?
  8. My dear fellow I find Kerouac such an interminable bore......

    ......not meaning to go OT

    Darlings I have always ruminated that Kieregaard was thoroughly more appealing.....
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    Now I wonder why that would be?

    Smee is going to have to talk to himself if we are going to get his internal monologue in the film he's proposing. But he'll have his helmet on, so on one will notice. With your alter-egos, however, you could be considered [URL="]a little batty[/URL]!
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    Have you seen the [URL="]"Great Roads, Great Rides"[/URL] videos on youtube? An english guy named Glen Julian gives a commentary of what he sees and how he reacts as he is riding....

    It sounds like a great idea, and something I should do more often instead of just looking, but actually think more about what I'm looking at.....
  11. #11 smee, Sep 9, 2010
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    Brilliant find!
    Exactly what I was doing in my head, ongoing narration.
  12. but now ull find in ur head ull be narrating with an english accent
  13. Can you please refrain from writing in text speak, we are all grownups here and this is not a mobile phone,
    Just write normally please.
  14. It ds gt bloody annyng dsnt it i mean mst of us hr r qt old and would need 2 sqnt and us our brains a bt hrdr 2 undrstnd wht u r tryng 2 sy in sm wrds its only mssng lttr so it cnt be 2 hrd 2 add tht lttr fair dnkm eh gv us old blks a fair go
  15. sorry man i cbf really, i just wont post, i thought this was a bike forum not a literature forum
  16. should have been a full stop at the end
  17. It seems like a lifetime ago but I learned to fly gliders in my youth..I was taught from day 1 to talk aloud while flying,this served two purposes..the instructor could hear my intentions and I wouldn't forget checks (pre take off/post take off/pre landing). Yup..just like the most embarrassing moments thread there is a blush worthy story there too.
    I find myself doing it on the bike from time to time,telling that car at the T junction to stay there,or the guy wanting to enter the roundabout to look at me...and the occasional..woohoo!
    It's all good,both for aviation as well as riding,which is as close to flying as you are going to get without leaving the ground.
  18. Commentary riding/driving is a great way, as already pointed out, to raise your awareness and not fall into 'auto' mode. Police are made to do it when they are doing pursuit training as well for the same reason, it encourages you to take in a lot more of what is happening around you and when you're actually concentrating on it and have a bit of practice you'll be amazed you notice. Most/all driving and riding instructors preach it as well.
  19. Great idea, cool link.