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Aw diddums

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vi...annoys-motorists/story-e6frf7kx-1225994064988

  2. What good is an article without the compulsory negative comment:

    Mort Dexter of Wandong Posted at 10:08 AM Today
    These guys aren't bikers - they are Volvo drivers with a late life crisis.
  3. Barbara White should buy a bike ....... problem solved Barb
  4. No different than reserving parking for disabled people.
    And with the Ulysses club it's sometimes hard to spot the difference :bolt:
  5. Its also no different to clearway times etc. There are just certains of the day you can park there and times you can't. How its used in the times you can't park there is not a defence against a ticket. Did Barb make some sort of complaint before receiving her ticket? Come on Barb take it on the chin like a big girl.
  6. Wear your glasses Barb, weve all copped a similar fine to you and didnt bitkh about it. Either be a big girl or buy a bike so you could park in that spot.
  7. Why are they allowed to do it when I can't? It's not faaaaaiiirrrr! Waaaaaaaaahh!
  8. Advertiser story says Barb actually works in Mercer St. Shoulda known better.
  9. There'll be hell to pay about the new Grey Gum Cafe on the Putty Road; there's a nice long concrete pad for bikes to park on; cars get to park in the dirt :LOL:
  10. Exactly how it should be!
  11. Kim (the owner) told me they had such a big crowd of bikes there on Sunday that they are putting in a SECOND concrete pad this week. Exactly as it should be (y)
  12. the best analogy is probably the loading zone for certain times and days of the week.
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    Hahaha, when I read that Waaaaah! part, it reminded me of this clip



  14. Promote environmentally friendly forms of transport and ban more cars/take more cars off the road, install more motorbike parking spaces and lanes. Save the whales, save the penguins, the little kanagaroos, think of the ducks........ban nasty cars now.
  15. what's your position on kittens, though ????
  16. ummmm, on a ride a couple of months a go a rider ran over and killed a duck....
  17. Them little bugger breed like nothing else, we are doing to the world a service by preventing them from becoming a plague.
  18. Healesville Bakery has a big heap of bike only parking,
  19. All kittens must die, 5km/h over at a time...