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Avon 3D Tyre Review Free Set

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by MMMTS, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. maybe a link to the vendors page?
  2. Done thanks smee.
  3. The Avon 3D Supersport is $15.00 cheaper compared to its nearest rival the Dunlop Sportsmart and better in the wet, heats up quicker, may well be a better tyre all round.
  4. Tested at Winton Raceway on the 6/7/12
    Ultra Xtremes 3D :- Rear 190/55x17
    Temp on the day = 14C
    Starting temp = 80 F (Tyre Warmers)
    Compound Density at start = 46
    Tyre Pressure = 32 (Soft tyre walls)
    Result after five laps :-
    Finish temp = Averaged 102 F
    Compound Density at finish = 49
    Rider Comments :- Good wear, beading good, no melting, great feel, sure footed with good feedback and the tyre got harder as more laps were obtained but the siping we believe is not required as the compound was being pulled out on the leading edge.
    Overall was a great result.
    Rating = 8/10
    Pirrelli Diablo Supercorsa SC2 :- 190/55x17
    Temp on the day = 14C
    Starting temp = 80 F (Tyre Warmers)
    Compound Density at start = 48
    Tyre Pressure = 27 (Hard tyre walls)
    Result after ten laps :-
    Finish temp = Averaged 101 F
    Compound Density = 45
    Rider comments :- Stability is not 100 %, Wear good, beading good, no melting, feedback and feel not as good as the Avons and the tyre got softer as more laps were obtained.
    Overall result was not as good as the Avon but not much in it
    Rating = 7/10

    This is my NON biased opinion.
    Rider and comments = Johnny O.
  5. Also tested the Avon Ultra Supersport, and the results are not as good as I had hoped for.
    Tested at Winton Raceway on the 6/7/12 And in my opinion here are the results :- This tyre is softer then a Michelin PP2 and Pirelli DRC, on average the compound is 64 on the Duro Meter, but the Supersport came in at 54 (cold 60).
    The wear rate was high with a very hard ride at a low pressure (27) on the rear, the rider (Johnny O) had a slide on the cooler side of the tyre and generally the tyre was melting (slightly) more then the other 4 sets we tested.
    If you were using these on the road I think you would be lucky to get 3 - 4000 k's out of them, so not a great result :(
  6. I am testing the Avon Ultra Sport at the moment, I have these on my GSXR 1000, currently up to 400 k's half of them 2 up and the results are looking promising.....will keep you posted :)
  7. They sound really good, what the price on them?
  8. ^ The price on these are :- $132.00 - $224.00 for the sport and $166.00 - $223.00 for the Xtremes.
  9. It's not the sort of tyre that I would be putting on my bike, but good on you for putting up the bad reviews as well as the good one
  10. Have some photo's of the tyres after doing around ten laps of Winton Raceway.
    Will post up soon.