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Avoiding VIC Full Licence with 12mths restriction on size

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new to this website, though I have been accessing lots of information over the past months and thank you all in advance for your input, especially to those of us new to riding.
    I have an ongoing query of my own and hope you can all help.
    My situation :

    Had my Bike Learner's for 4mths, about to sit Full Licence test in Melbourne soon. This will give me a FULL Licence, however, with 12mth restrictions, the one of main concern is the size/capacity of bike approved.

    'If' someone, like myself, went to NSW and converted my L's there to the equivalent, I could actually apply for a NSW Provisional (P1) Licence, and after providing proof of identity, residential address info etc and pass the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST), I'd then be issued with this P1 Licence. However, being 35yrs of age, with 18yrs driving experience (full licence, no restrictions), would I then be issued with a FULL Licence, no restrictions, in NSW ? This is what I am led to believe, as others have done this.

    Okay, so if the answer above was 'yes', and then I decide to re-convert this new NSW (full) licence back to VIC, through VICRoads, would they recognise this and thus issue me with a FULL Licence with NO restrictions, or would they STILL issue the full licence with the said 12mth restrictions?

    I personally think the differences in state legislation is a complete joke! If our NSW colleagues can get full licences with no restrictions over the age of 30, then why can't Vic riders, who satisfy the above have the same exemptions ?

    If anyone has any clear cut answers/experience to my queries, please feel free to post - with a new GSX-R750 K8 in the process of being purchased, I will do what it takes to get it ! If a friend in SYD, same age, same experience on roads with car qualifies for his full licence, then I will too ! One way or another.

    Cheers and many thanks in advance for your info.

  2. We don't make the Laws, but some folks here break them.
  3. maybe you should just wait and get the experience up before trying to exploit a loop hole.
  4. Yes MVrog, and I know of some who do so..tsk tsk.

    Breaking the rules to achieve one's dream is foolish, and can be dangerous also. The ONLY way I wish to carry out my task is the RIGHT way. The difference in rules/laws between two states, as is the case here, shows cracks, which I believe gives one the opportunity to do it the RIGHT way.

    Sad to say, but the ones who break the rules may be responsible for why VIC Rules, as an example, differ to those in NSW ?

  5. You are correct with reference to the "over 30" clause in NSW licensing. You would, however, need to contact the RTA to find out the answer to your specific question; my primitive reading of the situation is that you would probably run foul of the "principal place of residence' provisions.
  6. Jazzthechef,

    What you say is 100% correct, and I'd no doubt offer the same advice to someone new to riding. Though I've had my L's for 4mths, I am by no means new to riding, having been around motorbikes for over 10yrs...hmm..let me see, you were 12 then ?

    I would NOT be interested in cracking this 'loop hole' had I not had the previous experience or comfort to do so. Simply put, this post is regarding the LAWS between the 2 said states, and moreso the differences, not my experience level, but now that you've asked, here you are.

  7. G'day,

    I thought that in Vic if you have full driver's licence then you would just go from motorbike L's straight to your full licence with no restrictions.

    Honestly though doing what you are talking about sounds like a waste of effort, Vicroads will probably make you do it again if you go straight after getting the NSW licence anyway.

    And would you actually be willing to move to NSW to prove that your a resident in NSW, get your licence and then move back to Vic just to be able to ride a bigger bike?

  8. i dont think its as easy as just changing to a NSW license and then back again.
    I believe you have to have a NSW address for 3 or 6 months before you can change your license, also, a bill or 2 has to have your name and address on them.
    the same applies coming back to Vic.

    if you did go to NSW and do the applicable courses and obtain a FULL unrestricted NSW motorcycle license, you would then be issued a FULL unrestricted Victorian motorcycle license upon your return.

    This could have all changed though as a lot of loop holes have been shut recently.
    your best bet is to check with both Vicroads and the NSW RTA.
    dont let on what your trying to do either as all cooperation will cease.
  9. Thanks for your post Andy,

    I hear loud and clear what you're saying.. it's just a very interesting topic that's come up.
    Again, my queries are in relation to trying to do this the right way.. I mean, for those in my position, this seems abdurd ! NSW gets full, no restriction licences, but VIC guys suffer ? Almost a case of discrimination.. but then again, I don't make the rules. Rules are rules and I stick to them like super-glue - my current profession ensures this !

    Your point about VicRoads possibly having an issue with this is my main concern - transferring licences over to a Sydney address shouldn't be a problem for me. Returning to a VIC unrestricted licence remains the big question.

    I will be calling RTA/VicRoads soon about this. It's more of an interest in learning about the differences in the licencing policies, especially for those over 30yrs of age.

    Thanks again for the input.

  10. Time has a habit of passing quickly. It will be Next Christmas before too long.
  11. You have a GS500, why do you need a GSXR750 so soon?
  12. Thanks davway,

    The more I research this, the more it seems tedious for one to go through this whole process, but I'm sure there are many in my position who have thought of this previously.. if not recently.

    As MVrog has very correctly said, "Time has a habit of passing quickly. It will be Next Christmas before too long" and I couldn't agree any more - why last time I checked I was 21 ;) (I wish)

    If any phonecalls were to be made, tact and strategy would most definitely have to be 2 skills practised during the phonecall :)

    I'm here, enquiring about doing this the RIGHT way gents, and this is more like a project than anything else.I won't break a rule just because the other guy did and got away with it. So I thank you again for all your input.

  13. Nope. If you have a full car licence you go to a full bike licence, but with some restrictions for 12 months.
    (i) You don't wear P plates;
    (ii) You do have the LAMS restrictions;
    (iii) You do have a 0.00 blood alcohol limit (whilst on the bike only).
  14. Port80,

    Absolutely no issue with the GS500..an excellent bike ! Couldn't recommend it more.
    Everyone has a car, a boat, aircraft, or in this case, a bike which they simply adore..I'm sure you know the feeling.
    The GSX-R750 is the bike I really like, but I would not be looking at obtaining a bike bigger than the one I currently have unless I was comfortable to do so.

  15. Thanks guys,

    Your input is well-aligned with the research I've been doing of late about this topic.
    Although I will endeavour to call both VicRoads and RTA, it is becoming more and more clear that waiting another 12mths is certainly the better option - waiting is definitely not an issue, by any means, so the GSX-R or whatever other bike, for that matter, will be put on hold for a while.

    It is annoying, but these are the rules, and just being out there, riding, is freedom in itself...much like flying an aircraft (leaning in a turn), but I won't start on that :)

    I wish you all safe, happy riding and a very Merry Christmas.

  16. Re: Avoiding VIC Full Licence with 12mths restriction on siz

    Almost correct, you will have a restriction of no pillion passenger for 12 months.

    No, you just need proof of residence. You actually have to transfer within 3 months of moving to NSW.

    The transfer to NSW should be no issue as long as you can prove that you now live in NSW. It's returning to Vic that I'm not sure about. It would be good to find someone who has gone from NSW to Vic in the first year of their mature age licence to see if they had the Vic restrictions put on their licence.
  17. In Vic you also have a pillion restriction for those 12 months. Once you pass the tests your licence will show as being full (presuming your car licence is) and will show as being something like 'car bike (22/12/09)' with the date in brackets being the END date of your restriction period. If you happen to be caught riding a bike that is not LAMS approved you are very naughty and will likely get a ticket for it as follows "2571 Holder of motor cycle licence for less than 12 months driving motor cycle that is not a learner approved motor cycle" for 1.05 Penalty Units (which is a little over $100) and carries no demerit points.
  18. You will also have NO insurance cover in the event of an accident.
  19. There's so many rules between the states that are different.

    What they should do is change the NSW rules to match Victoria's as it is a much safer way of going about it IMHO
  20. Re: Avoiding VIC Full Licence with 12mths restriction on siz

    Yes it works, trust me, I did the exact same thing. provided you can 'move' to NSW(i.e. have a friend who's address you can use) then you will have no problem. I was legally on my Gixxer a week after getting my Vic P's. :wink:
    I was even able to keep the gixxer reg'd in Vic as that is where it was garaged. I just said it was at home for my trips home from where I was working in NSW.