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Avoiding the highside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gavinl, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. You ride through a light layer of sand in the corner when exiting a roundabout. The front maintains traction while the rear slides out. You:

    1) Gun throttle
    2) Ease off throttle
    3) Cut throttle
    4) Rear brake
    5) Front brake
    6) Combination of the above

    I'm interested in reading what you would do in this or a similar situation.

  2. never chop the throttle...I hold throttle or power out of it.
  3. Turn into skid and ease off throttle gently.
  4. Open your eyes, scan the road ahead and avoid the sand in the first place or slow sufficiently before the sand and go through it in as upright a position as possible.
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  5. That's what I was thinking, based on my VERY VERY limited experience.
  6. What is meant by that is you as well as the bike. You will cross up on the bars so stay loose. Let the bike do what it needs to. Just keep you well balanced.
    That's your best hope of riding through it. Bikes are pretty good at getting themselves out of trouble. So if you can FLOW with it till traction is regained....all good
  7. 7. Hold throttle %age the same as before i hit the slippery shit, then when the bike comes back into line (or there abouts) i'll bring it up on the back wheel and ride away with a smile on my face.
  8. Turn the bars into the direction of the slide, ease off the power and wait for the rear to bite again at which point you hold on for dear life and ride to KMart for new undies.

    Edit: I've only lost the rear once or twice before and this is what I did, may be completely and utterly wrong, so listen to someone with more experience :p
  9. The bars will want to turn in the right direction. Bikes are nice like that.
    The trick is holding them in the line your going on the way out of the slide
  10. Spot the ex-dirt squirt rider 8-[. If the bike's engine is still building torque you may need to back off a little but basically do nothing, stay balanced and the bike will mostly sort itself out.
  11. You hope you're wearing the right gear, because in my experience, theory is fine, but in the real world, you're going to be inspecting the road :LOL:
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  12. you don't have time to do much and what you can do is instinct. if you can resist chopping the throttle and keep a loose grip on the bars you'll probably get through it. I did.
  13. No, not necessarily.
  14. In a very long time riding on and off road I have only had 1 classic highside experience.I don't know why but in my experience they seem very rare.The one I had was on the old Samurai Park MX track,it was a very fast and powerful reaction that I must have provoked but no idea what I had done.Alls I remember was coming out of a flat turn I all of a sudden found myself doing a handstand off the seat but still attached to the bars.My grip locked up and a musseled myself back down.The force generated was really surprising,without my hanging on I would have been launched over the bars.Low set clipons and I would have been toast.So there was no steering input to recover from me that I remember.Who knows,maybe I reacted Instinctual.You tend to do that in the dirt with slides,best rider training you can do.
  15. Had another read,the other replies hit the nail.Steering into the slide and start repeatedly saying under my breath please don't crash and hold your line,my 2 little internal mantras that I hope still work.They dont get much work these days,been a while since I went offroading.
  16. While all the poo is coming out, get relaxed and loose. This helps the poo and the bike.
    Look where you want to go and stay relaxed.
    Don't chop the throttle, unless someone is filming, it will end spectacularly and you will have to explain all the poo in the ambulance.
    Just hold the throttle, stay relaxed and bend as low as you can to the tank to minimize and kick the bike will deal out.
    Brown trousers time regardless of how it plays out.

    Or don't barrel flat stick onto road you can't see is clear, but that's for the beige.
  17. Also don't spend concentration on what's not happening, if you haven't crashed yet the worst thing you can do is think about crashing.
  18. I had the rear spin up then bite and step-out on a suburban corner in the wet - I heard the engine wind up before I felt anything.

    I was turning left - I kept throttle on (maybe even added a touch?) and turned into the skid (pushed left - back to neutral)

    As previous have posted - I was lucky I kept my top half (arms and torso) loose. As the bike sorted itself out and came back to upright it developed a tankslapper which took a good 100m or so to stabilize.........had I applied the death grip I would've been thrown.

    OH - the brakes are no help when this happens.....stay the hell away from them
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  19. throttle stabilizes a motorcycle.

    if in doubt, add some.
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  20. And then a high side is assured.
    Everyone should experience a high side at least once.
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