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Avoiding RSI

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. I think I'm in danger of developing RSI (as in, repetitive strain injury). I've been riding daily for five years and never a problem, and I don't currently have RSI, but in the last month or two my wrist has tended to ache now and then after riding, and it's getting worse. Today, after the Netrider ride down the Mornington Penninsula yesterday, my wrist and fore-arm muscles are aching. The main contributing factor is the fact that the bike is prone to stalling, especially when I roll off the throttle to come to a stop (usually after I've just filtered to the front), and being a big bore kick-start, this means stalling is an agony no modern rider understands, so I tend to be a bit nervous and tense on the throttle, and hence the hurt in the wrist. I’m combating this by tensing and worrying less – if it stalls, let it do so rather than hurt my wrist! Also I think I’ll change the front sprocket so she can do the freeway at lower revs and so need less pressure on the throttle. I already have a palm-rest plastic thingy on the throttle. And, even though it’ll spoil the aesthetics, I might put some higher and closer bars on than the drag bars which I put on about two months ago and which is I suspect another contributing factor. But I just wanted to check out with others who know anything about *avoiding* this : what would you recommend? I thought I might get a wrist support brace which I saw in a bike shop. Can anybody recommend anything else? Any exercises etc? Maybe I should try to strengthen up some muscles in that area....

  2. Maybe you should take a rest from riding for awhile? You don't want to be a Mika Kallio 250GP rider who had to have his wrist operated on to loosen the muscles in his wrist it got so bad.
  3. Sacrelidge!!!

  4. LOL I don't know much about RSI but you could be doing a lot of damage to your wrist if you don't stop now and let it heal! :p
  5. I'd speak to a physio about it, they should be able to recommend some exercises/stretches to do to help the problem.

    The acheing forearms though, sounds like your not riding relaxed?
  6. dont hang on so hard
  7. I don't have RSI because I use Power Balls! :grin:

    I had the same problem after commuting on my SRX250 for a year (hard on throttle the entire way) + using a computer mouse all day.

    I bought one of those beasties (which is a gyroscopic exerciser) off eBay (much cheaper) and since then my wrist problems have gone away (in 2 weeks). I think it'll probably stay that way too since the Sprint RS is a lot easier on the throttle hand :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Have the bike looked at to stop it from stalling? Surely it's only a tuning problem?
  9. if its muscle it probably won't be rsi. that's tendons.

    get a bit of a broomstick a few feet long, about a metre of cord and a weight.

    tie one end of the cord to the middle of the stick and the other to the weight. then roll it up and down slowly with a 20 or so sec rest between each one. do sets of 3 or so at a time. start with 2kg and move up as you get stronger
  10. Ride a GSXR1000. You will have so many other aches you will forget all about your wrist.
  11. That's what my doc suggested. I am just getting in to riding, but have a bit of arthritis in one wrist.

  12. ahhh the mighty powerballs :LOL:
  13. lol masturbation rofl!
  14. Thanks for the replies, some good ideas there. The power ball looks attractive.
    I bought a new set of bars yesterday; they're actually a lot like the stock bars except an inch or two wider, with that standard 70's commuter style. So they don't look as good as the drag bars, but I've discovered why God, when he thought of motorcycles (which was itself the act of their creation, and one in which the SR was the particular image he had in his mind) he saw it with the stock bars : they are higher and closer to me, and suddenly both all the weight is off my wrist, my fore-arm feels more relaxed, and my wrist is bent at a more natural angle (less to the right as the bar angle meets the right part of my palm at a closer angle). The bike doesn't corner as easily, as I can't lean on the bars like I did, but it feels so relaxed and neutral. I've turned the throttle over a bit so that my hand is in a neutral position when the throttle is held open. I'm riding the Great Ocean Road this weekend, will report on whether this all makes the difference needed.

  15. What you describe as muscle pain is not RSI.
    RSI is when nerve inside your wrist moves against the bone causing pain.
    If the pain is inside your wrist and you can't really tell exactly where it is, that's RSI.
  16. yes doctor :roll:

    RSI = Repetative Strain Injury

    not nerve, tendon :wink:

    :jerk: :jerk: :jerk: :jerk: :jerk: :grin:

    prolonged :jerk: may cause friction burns :shock: enjoy!!
  17. We're talking about wrist and forearm here, good chance of carpal tunnel problems developing. This is where the TENDONS running from the hand to the fore arm muscle group (through teh Carpal tunnel, an area under the wrist joint the tendons run through)become inflamed from rubbing on each other and as they enlarge, rub even more. As the swelling gets worse, it will involve the nerves to the hands. This pain can and will also occur in the elbow if it gets worse, muscle exercises will do NOTHING for it, and will possibly make it worse if the exercise is incorrect. Muscle pain is an early sign that you should pay close attention to what you are doing.
    There is nothing you can do except rest the affected muscles and tendons. The surgery is not as effective as many would believe, and can sometimes make things worse long term.
    Before the Wikipedia "experts" fire back, I have had it for the last 5 years in earnest, some mornings waking up with semi numb hands and extremely poor grip strength, so I know about it's early symptoms, it's causes, effects and dealing with it. If I am lucky, I also get sore elbows for a day or two.
    I have a trade background and developed it there.
    It is not a girly man problem, it is caused by repeated high frequency movements in the same muscle and joint groups over time. It can also be caused by low frequency movements(like a few times a day) with high load over many years.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Had another thought on this... I discovered that my wrists get extra sore when I have my gloves done up too tight. I've since been leaving them a bit more lose and things are definately much better.
  19. Certain gloves can apply pressure to teh underside of the wrist when done up too tightly, pushing the bundle of tendons to teh hand up into the wrist joint, causing pain.
    If it works for you to do that, that's great!

    Regards, Andrew.