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Avoiding peak hour traffic

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by patR1, May 12, 2010.

  1. To work i used my xr400 dirtbike. As most flickable and fu*ken loud ,
    And the safest as you are siting very tall compared to sportbikes.

    Hoping on footpaths is never a problem as the suspension absorbs everything you throw at it. But once on the way to North Ryde peak hour morning traffic 5km long i always use the middle grass island which separates the two way traffic it goes for a good 2km. (the look of the drivers faces when i pass them is priceless )Anyway I wheelie up the gutter and continue through the grass a bit long this time as a lot of rain , all of a sudden i bang my foot into a car battery which was hidden in the grass as i could not see it.
    Lucky i had my reinforced MX boots otherwise def broken toes.

    Got away with it but just a warning to other dirt bike riders ..... and supermotos...
  2. lol, awesome.

    Yeah, seen a guy riding along the 1 foot wide concrete lip that separates sections of the Princes highway. Balls of Steel.
  3. seriously!!! Your that dumb...?
  4. thanks for the warning.

    wet grass is never good.
  5. you don't have a licence... and doing that is not only highly illegal, it's completely stupid
  6. Whatever floats your boat Pat. Everybody is responsible for their own actions.
  7. :rofl:
  8. Jesus wept... Dead set you need to be banned from riding in public, you give the rest of us a bad name. Do you actually think before you hit that post button, or what?
  9. Illegal, yes. But I wish I'd thought of it.
  10. I hope you posted that for a laugh and don't actually ride so recklessly.
  11. just think just about everyone of those cars he passed(if this actually happened) is now thinking "F&^*ing bikers" And have now convinced themselves we are all a law unto ourselves and need the police and the government to sort us out. Well any sympathy in that lot of cars is now more than likely gone, lost for good.

    Thanks Pat! Your a champion!
  12. come on guys live a bit of life... The rush you get overtaking the 4km traffic through any-kind of terrain is awesome. and you dont need coffee in the morning as tis wakes you up pretty well its a bit of a challenge . and i thik its safer through the grass then in the middle of two trucks, Def recommend a dirt bike as a daily commuter here in sydney must . try!

    and im not that bad come on, how many-times i saw dirt-bike riders get chases by the cops is not funny, and yes the bikes flog them all the time. The smart asses now dont put their angry lights on until they are up ur ass so you dont have much of a head-Start,,,

    Western Sydney a place to be.
  13. A rush yes, straight to hospital if you're lucky.
    I myself was one of those dirt bikers being chased by cops (on their Honda XR's) but that was when I was 17 and stupid.
  14. Pat I'm seriously considering another holiday for you.
  15. Need not comment further - this is plain stupidity !!
    You obvoiusly dont value you're life!
  16. Did you move the battery?
  17. Does overtaking immobile traffic on the M4 in the LHS shoulder count as just as dumb :(
  18. I'm as yet undecided (don't know the location and the risks). But has he endangered anyone else?
  19. #20 lucifer_mr2, May 13, 2010
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    Maybe he's planning on taking some plywood there later and making a ramp so he can do jumps in front of the other commuters.