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avoiding court tomorrow

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. i got pinged for speeding last year, and when i recieved the fine i was in such a bad mood i said 'stuff this i'm taking it to court' without any actual logical reason for fighting it/getting out of it :shock: :p ahhh well.

    when i recieved my court brief it had a A4 size photo of my car speeding right beside another car, while another car approached from the oncoming traffic a few metres ahead of me.

    i turned up at frankston on my court day, checked in at the desk and stated i wished to plead non-guilty, the clerk then said take a seat and wait for your case to be heard. some hours later legal-aid said g'day, and on learning i was pleading not guilty said 'ohh today is only if you're pleading guilty, you have to come another day if you want to plead not guilty' :evil:

    so that was a fun waste of a day/loss of income. my new session time is for tomorrow, however i have an important day at uni and a job interview, how do i defer my case at this point?

    can i call them tomorrow morning and tell them i'm sick as a dog, or do i have to go in there personally and ask? anyone got a clue?

    hopefully i can defer it over the phone, and the woman who fined me rocks up to court and has half her day wasted as was done to me :twisted: :p

  2. Try to find more information from the following website!

    Legal Online
  3. You should be able to phone them in the morning and tell them you cannot be there and that you need to have tme matter defered.

    It's only the magistrates court :)