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Avoiding Arrest

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. There has been a number of threads about poeple avoiding arrest. Sure it maybe a funny and an interesting thread to read but what would happen if you get caught after trying to run from the police?

    From my understanding it depends on what laws you break before and while trying to avoid arrest, i.e. speeding away from cops, going through red lights, etc...but what about if you see the boys in blue behind you and you just decide not to stop for a while?

    This is purely out of interest, I did not avoid arrest :LOL:

  2. One thing's for sure, they're not going to go slow around corners when you're in the back of the van...

    /been there

  3. simple answer .

    "dont do it in the first place , especially on a 250 :wink: "

    its not worth it if you get caught , fcuk up , pull over and cop in like a man .
  4. Not much,you go to court and face the music basically. They wont arrest you though for simply doing a runner,well i didnt get arrested anyway :LOL:
  5. gotta give you credit asking this and owning an Across, latest news i heard when they catch an Across attempting a runner they execute the rider on the spot!
  6. If you get arrested any laws you break during the pursuit will be added onto the list of charges along with the original reason for pulling you over.
  7. My understanding is that with the level of specialised training in the Police force these days, they have a squad especially equipped for chasing down Accross riders.


  8. Did a search and found this interesting bit of info from the NSW Parliment
    STAYSAFE noted [in 1994] that other than for the purpose of heavy motor vehicle inspections and random breath testing police 'do not generally have the power to stop a particular class of motorist, or to stop motorists for a particular type of offence'. STAYSAFE also formed the view that other than in these circumstances , 'when police set up checkpoints they do so without any real power to support their actions'. We agree with STAYSAFE's view of police road block powers..
    Edit: Note the exception to this is of course if the vehicle has been used in "the comission of an indictable offense".
  9. Remember guys this is purely out of interest :!:

    I can understand guys doing double/triple the speed limit and running as well people on stolen cars/bikes running but there are some people out there that try to do a runner as a knee jerk reaction to seeing red and blue lights behind them.

    I'm not sure what show it was but this guy in a car in NZ drove for a couple of km, not stopping, not breaking any laws before or after, simply because he was upset. The show only said that he would spend a night in jail to cool off but didn't explain any further.
  10. yeah, round-abouts are fun at 4am in the morning while you're in the back of the divvy
  11. Now I've heard a couple Across jokes and this has got to top them :LOL: Yes, it is good to see something apart from the no brainer hand bag jokes :LOL:
  12. Okay this should clear things up, found a copy of the Police Powers Act which clearly states:

    A person must (unless the person has a reasonable excuse for not doing so):
    (a) stop a vehicle the person is driving when directed to do so by a police officer under this section, and
    (b) comply with any other direction given by a police officer under this section.

    Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units or 12 months imprisonment, or both.

    (I think a "penalty unit" is equal to $120)

    Full document can be found here - note this is NSW legislation but I imagine other states would be similar.
  13. Oh yeah... And them showing ya how to read a yellow pages back at the station is fun as well
  14. Then they chop you up & put you in the "boot"
  15. bit hard for an officer to "direct you to stop" if he's behind you,just seeing red and blue lights doesnt mean pull over and stop :wink: :grin: actually seeing red and blues means gas it the f#$k outta there to me :LOL: :LOL:
  16. No but it does mean you're legally required to let the cop car pass you :p
  17. lol they are quite welcome to pass me.......if they can :grin: :p
  18. i know a bloke who found out exactly what happens when he was seen speeding by an oncoming cop car, he gunned it and the cop did a nice 180 degree slide and came after him, they got up to 180kph before the biker gave up.

    he had a criminal record that was quite a list and as a result he ended up with community service, 1 day a week for a year, so his wage is cut by 20% for the year, and he's lost his licence so has managed to hold on to his job by a thread (only because the boss is very understanding.)

    imo it's not worth it, but each to their own, i saw a guy doing around 160-200 followed by a cop heading towards the portsea peninsula, trouble is at the end of the freeway there is a cop shop, so by the time he got there, 5 police cars were waiting for him :grin: idiot. we drove past in time to see him getting put in the back of the divi van.
  19. I noticed the flashing lights behind me, just before a hill then a corner, where there was no safe place to pull of the highway. I acknowledged with a wave and rode a further 2km until I found a safe place to park. Had my licence out before he asked. Then he informed me of the speed I was travelling. After checking my licence he said "Take it easy" and left me to finish my smoke. :grin:

    And even today, I still don't know where he was "hiding" :?


    now thats gotta be the best Across bash i have ever heard :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: