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Avoid the eBay trader 'agro-store'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by duncan_bayne, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. As per my website, the trader 'agro-store' offers a 12 month warranty on laptop batteries. He / she / it then goes totally silent after the 60 day period during which you can complaint about a seller on eBay.

  2. hey that's where my last bike was built
  3. And you seriously expect them to honour a warranty?????
  4. They probably don't even know what warranty means.
  5. Some Chinese traders I've found to be pretty good. Most however aren't ... so I figured I'd let people know about one that definitely isn't.
  6. Agree. Some are excellent. Many are only excellent before the sale. I was looking for batteries a while ago and really pushed a few buyers asking them for their guarentee that if the battery died within a month or two they would refund. At that point, not one response was received. After posting about it went to a shop in alexandria and got a battery that still lasts three hours several months later.
  7. Best i had was buying a 7" gps from a chinese seller that had "Up to date" Route 66 maps for australia, fm transmitter, rear vision camera, etc etc
    Anyway i got the thing, only to find that eastlink and a dozen other roads that had been built in the last 2 years were missing, and route 66 no longer support australia. So i contact them to be told that they were looking at getting igo8 working on it. Ok no worries when will this be? "We dont know and will let you know, will you please change your rating to excellent now?" "No, the rating system is supposed to reflect the sale, and this unit is not as it was advertised" "If we give you igo8 will you re-rate now?" "No regardless of what you do now the unit was not delivered with up to date maps as advertised"
    So me being the nerd i am, i get a copy of igo8 with all the worlds maps on it, and with about an hour of fiddling around, get it working semi perfectly, and even offered to explain to them how, but would not re-rate them as the device was still not as advertised... what followed was "We are not the bad seller, you are the bad buyer, we are rating you badly, blah blah blah" So i end up with black marks against my name for not paying, (which i did) not communicating with them before a bad rating, (which i did) and abusing them, (which i didnt) All of those ratings were reversed by ebay when the many emails back and forth were forwarded to them.
    After a couple of months use, the damn battery packed up, the clock battery packed up, so every time i switched it on i had to reset the time on it and it took forever to work out where the satellites were. It was actually still a decent unit for the price but you just cant trust ebay sellers for anything lol.
  8. Actually, you can, if they're physically located in Australia. I set Fair Trading NSW on one prick who sold me a 'leather' phone case, only to explain afterwards that he meant 'polyurethane leather'.

    Result: apology & refund.
  9. Last time I bought a laptop battery for my Dell, which was probably when the original battery was seven years old, I checked out all sorts of batteries and suppliers on eBay looking for the cheapest battery that met the specifications. When I read the fine print, or did some forum research, I found that nearly all batteries were not what they claimed to be. Finally I found one at a good price, but decided to do a price check for a replacement from Dell. Shock and horror, they were the cheapest, and I could immediately see that the battery had the correct spec.

    Sometimes it pays to check with the OEM.

    BTW, the next best battery was from a seller in Armadale, NSW, and the Dell battery is still going strong two years later.

    All my GPSs (okay, they have all been Garmins) get their time from the satellites when they find them. At startup they think the time is 10am some years ago. I thought all GPSs did that, since it is more accurate than any clock. You can probably get the main battery rebuilt with good cells here in Australia. Search for people who do battery rebuilds.
  10. Unfortunately as it was a cheap chinese one no ones likely to touch it, and i have several other devices now that do the same job (optus mytab, galaxy s2) so theres not much point :p
    Yes im aware some units take a while to start up, but most have a satellite log file so they know basically where the satellites are going to be and can lock on quicker, they are able to communicate with them better to lock on to them or something like that, this unit kept resetting that so it couldnt find any satellites for half an hour plus.