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Featured Avoid black alpinestars SP8 gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Paskis, May 4, 2015.

  1. #1 Paskis, May 4, 2015
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    Pointless thread is pointless. Gloves returned and shop credit obtained. Too many know-it-alls here to make contribution worthwhile.

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  2. Have you complained to Alpinestars/their Australian distributor?
  3. + 1 ^^^
  4. Every leather Glove, Pant or jacket I've ever owned bleeds when it rains. Maybe not in light rain, but if I get soaked enough they will bleed.
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  5. I've got Dents and Walden miller gauntlets, (heavy winter gloves) that have been drowned while riding, no dye runs. Had both for over 20 years, gone through a few sets of light gloves, they bleed.
  6. I gave Alpinestars a week to reply before I posted here, heard nothing still. I suppose a little bleeding is ok but this is ridiculous, I'd rather have them whatever bland natural colour they are and not stain everything around them when wet. I'm completely at a loss as to how this can be acceptable from a product! I'm going back to Dri Rider.
  7. Not having a go at you at all, but how did you get in contact with them? Distributors can be pretty lax sometimes. If I have a question or problem with any brand of product, I usually snap out a post on the parent company's Facebook page. I've generally had good responses from this method.
    The amount of bleed you have there is definitely extreme. It would be worthwhile chasing all avenues available, they are definitely not supposed to be cheap, crappy gloves. It would be a shame to simply write off the cash spent on them.
  8. *My wife recommended this to me* Soak new gloves in a cold water and vinegar solution before wearing them. The solution seems to hold the colour fast. Let them dry naturally and the bleeding doesn't occur. Doesn't stop the gloves from tearing though after a few seasons. :sour: But stops the dye from running.
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  9. Worth a try!! If that doesn't work I wonder if I can bleach them..
  10. DO NOT BLEACH THEM for chists sake.

    Get some wet weather gloves and use them for their purpose, dry weather.
  11. Perhaps but I'm not happy, they don't say 'dry weather' gloves; there's nothing to imply that they're a disaster in wet weather. For these to be an acceptable product they would need to carry a warning about the horrible consequences of getting them wet. When you can't be sure when you leave home whether the weather will hold, I don't expect to have to take two pairs of gloves.

    Dry weather gear, in the wet, should leave me cold and wet. Not cold, wet, and blue.
  12. my fingers
    well my whole hand is sometimes brown
    dont know what your complaining about
  13. Have you got hobbies besides motorcycling....
  14. yeah maybe i should get some gloves
  15. Good Post Paskis.
    Of course you are perfectly right to complain. This is totally unacceptable. Send the crap back to where it came from. Alpinestar and Dainese make stuff to look good in the photos. Whether it functions well comes second place.
    I think they factor in a certain percentage of disgruntled costumers, and are perfectly ok with that.
    Send it back.
  16. the "good gear guide" says:

    Colour fastness

    • Check for the international standards number ISO 11642.
    This ensures that the dye will not run and
    stain your hand when the gloves get wet, which is, unfortunately, a common failing in motorcycle gloves.
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  17. They are ventilated, non-waterproof road gloves. Alpinestars could easily argue that they are not designed to be worn in wet weather.

    Would you write a complaint letter to Pirelli because their Supercorsa SP tyres throw you off every time you accelerate hard out of a roundabout in heavy rain? They're road legal and have tread, after all.
  18. If they stained the side of my car black in the process, hell yeah I would. "Not able to be worn in the wet" = "Not fit for purpose".
  19. Nice! Thanks!
  20. What's it got to do with your car?
    You don't seem to get it. Supercorsa SPs are street legal track day tyres for motorcycles. They can be used on the road and have tread, but they will offer you shit all wet weather grip. You can ride on them in the rain. If you crash on them in a thunderstorm, it's not Pirelli's fault. It's not what they were designed to do.

    Your gloves are able to be worn in the wet, as you have demonstrated. It's just not ideal.