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NSW Avoca Beach- Sachs KN150 express

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Jase1, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. #1 Jase1, Dec 22, 2012
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    Hi guys

    Last tuesday sometime in the middle of the night my Sachs Kn 150 was stolen from Avoca on the central coast, from the side of the road in front of Avoca Picture Theater!

    The bike was dark grey in colour and in not very good condition so I have the feeling it was kids! The steering was locked. Distinguishing features at the time of theft include no mirrors, no front mud guard, and broken tacho. The Exhaust Had a crack before the muffler. VIN/Rego details available on request. To be honest I have no idea what type of lowlife would want to steal this bike, it wasn't worth very much but to me it was mine!

    The pic is while it still had mirrors and mudguard.

    Any information leading to the recovery of the bike would be much appreciated i just want the bike back no questions asked.

    Mob : xxxx xxx xxx

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  2. Sorry to hear it mate. I bet 99 times out of a hundred you could've left that bike in that spot with the keys in the ignition and no one would touch it. No offence about the bike, more a comment on the area.

    I guess this time of the year there are more bored kids hanging around - perhaps tourists?
  3. lots of Sydiots around during summer on the coast.

    drunk fella's, drunk bitches, bored kits up with their folks etc and so on
  4. the coast is great until the holidays, will keep eyes peeled
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  5. i actually just saw one of these in deepwater plaza, but it had mirrors on and a front fender...
  6. Update:
    Bike has been recovered.

    Got an interesting letter from the council about my bike partially blocking someone's driveway in Umina (lol) and that I had 7 days to remove it before it's towed. So i've gone down there (Norman st, Umina FYI) to find my bike sitting there. Number plate has been hastily torn off. Steering lock (which looks solid as) was broken and the ignition wires were cut. No damage to ignition barrel though.

    The chain was also off!

    My theory is that it got ridden straight there after being stolen (old lady said she saw it there the morning after it was stolen) and at some point due to being thrashed and in need of TLC, the chain came off and it was abandoned. Perhaps if the chain never came off I never would have seen it again!
    Got it home in a box trailer. Probably flog it for parts now. Bastards!
    Less than a week from the time it was stolen to getting a letter from the council. Happy about that.

    Pics of wiring and broken lock available on request! By the looks of it they wedged the front wheel against a gutter and broke it with sheer force, it's a sturdy looking design to me so they must have been strong.
  7. Soooo ... the council is more efficient than the popo?? I am assuming here that the theft was reported :unsure:

    It's a bugger that the turds damaged it tho.

    So how is life in Avoca anyway these days (other than lowlifes) ... I grew up in Terrigal :)
  8. Haha possibly!

    The No. plate was gone so I think they identified it by the VIN/chassis No. I'm guessing the bike was only investigated after the old lady reported it was parked in her apartment parking spot, so i'm lucky she did that.
  9. The Council is corrupt and the police incompetent and lazy. I've been living in Terrigal for the last 20 years and still enjoy it. It has changed quite a bit over that time. How long since you've been here? There's motorcycle specific parking in the surf club carpark which is cool. I could live without the subway and KFC. At least there's no Maccas.
  10. hehehe ... so nothing has changed huh?

    Haven't been there for about 10 years since my mum passed and haven't lived there for more than 20 years ... used to go sailing off the Haven as a young thing.
  11. Nice anti theft solution- keep chain loose. :)

    Glad that you at least have it back, getting your bike stolen sucks, my first bike got stolen recovered stripped and a holed piston :(
  12. Lol mate how long since you've actually been down the main strip? The KFC has been gone a couple years now! Ironically that KFC was my first job way back then/
  13. Ha ha - down there most weeks, just not really paying much attention I guess. Hard to keep up - they change so often. (Well I'd notice if my favourite eating joints went - never been a big KFC man). Thanks for the update mate.