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Avid Biker, just moved to Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by abhirajcb, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. "Heave up and levitate high" not thy like a trammeling hobbit tat pestle the leap, as thou when a trotter capriole... capriole as shalth be the Limit...!!

    Riding and love for rides dates back when I was in standard 4th starting on bicycles, had and broke many, as I grew, two wheels on motor lured me more, got my first bike Yamaha YBX whilst 15 years, while learner license at 16, though rode within restricted grounds till I turned 16.
    With the passage of time, it has just grown more and more, have ridden and owned pretty much each genre in their capacitive 'cc' category, listed in order of their precedence:
    1. Suzuki GSXR 1000 L1
    2. Hyosung GT650R
    3. Ninja 250R
    4. R15 both Ver 1 and 2
    5. Apache RTR 180
    6. Pulsar 220
    7. Yamaha Fazer
    8. Honda CBZ
    9. Yamaha YBX

    My last ride was the Suzuki GSXR 1000 2011 model dual exhausts, post which they discontinued and reverted to single ones, had to bid bye as I had to move and just moved to Melbourne, Australia. I am put up opposite to Queen Victoria Market and unfortunately stuck in a 1 year lease without parking, after applying like 20 places had to move in quick, now I have the finances ready, but I cannot take risk to park in footpath even with a bike cover. Need quick help on where I can have a covered & secured parking paid or otherwise nearest (I am in Victoria street just opposite to .the Queen Victoria fish market start, near main junction Elizabeth/Victoria street coming from Peel street).
    I have been doing rounds, peeking in showrooms for bikes, luckily have Ducati, HD, Triumph, Indian motorcycles, Yamaha, Peter Stevens Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM etc. showrooms, within the vicinity of my rented apartment like <800 mtrs.

    By the way I originally hail from the land of city in India (Shimla, HP) where it snows for 2-3 months in a year, but post high school, my graduation, post-graduation, first job has been in Southern part of India. Coming from such a place, I have been loving the winters here, Melbourne is beautiful. Before I blabber more in the first introductory thread, I could have shared some pics and do the talking, but seems as a rule neither I can embed a URL nor attachments for initial 3 post and certain number of likes, will wait till I am eligible.

    I had two options to move either Europe Netherlands or Australia, I chose Australia just for the ease of riding with Indian license without category restriction, Europe has strict laws in riding and obtaining country license with some restrictions initially, I can live without probably anything else but not without biking beyond certain months, so I am here!

    I am looking forward for group rides once I have the parking issue sorted, will buy immediate same day and also my contribution to the forum. Here, my ideal pick will be 2015 ZX10R or 2014 R1 (2015 R1 design is not my taste), also inclined towards GSXR 1000 L5 still but want to own and experience another one now. Netrider was introduced to me by one of the existing member 'Rajpal' whom I coincidentally reached as he is also a member of xbhp, I have been part of xbhp (one of India's most popular biking community) since 7 years now.
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  2. Welcome to NR. Hope you sort out the parking issue soon and get a new ride. I notice that there is not a Ducati listed in your previous bikes. Time to try one? :happy:
  3. Ducati's have fancified me always with their mesmerizing looks, even with a proven L-twin config, my inclination is more towards Inline 4. Co-incidently Ducati is indeed my next choice after Inline 4, I literally drool seeing them up close, specially the goner model 1098 and even the current Panigale's.

    Thanks Ben and XJ!
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  4. Welcome, As you have found secure city parking can be difficult. Self Storage companies are an option if you can get a ground floor storage compartment. Alternatively speak to businesses in the area, you may be able to come to some space rental agreement.

    Or buy a cheapy leave it on the street and take the risk.
  5. Yes, it has been hard, I am put up on 7th floor, while ground floor reads CBD plaza, burned long back and on repair since the time I have moved, no idea!. Will try to find out.
    How much is it of a risk here in Melbourne around my area to keep it in open? probably will get a Xena XX series alarm lock to support further, a second hand steed seems to be the only option in such a case, will sell it off once I am lease free. How much should I expect for a well maintained 2012 R1/ZX10R both stock and modded?
  6. The area you are in tends to have a high traffic of people at all hours so I would think you would be OK. The Motorcycle Theft Map says in towards the city and over towards North Melbourne are hotter theft spots.

    Re prices on bikes. Try http://www.bikepoint.com.au and Redbook for indicative prices.
  7. Appreciate your quick response and help, thanks!
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  8. Hey there...so you found this place all right! ;)

    Welcome to NR and to Melbourne....

    I've sent you a PM.
  9. I did not receive any PM, only conversation visible is from the NetriderBot