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Avice On CBR250RR

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tcox, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. hey guys another newbie here, get my L's next friday and was looking at getting a CBR250RR, anyone got and hints on buying these or things i should look out for when buying one

  2. Biggest tip, Don't buy one from SUMOTO.
  3. Good luck with the L's test, you should have no problems passing :)

    Heaps of advice on CBR250's can be found HERE
  4. yeah i gave SUMOTO a call and not only did the guy not give a rats ass about me they seemed overpriced. ive pretty much hooked one up that has a broken fairing from where the previous owner hit a gate but i havnt had a good chance to look at it yet so only time will tell
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  6. I bought my CBR250RR around 6 months ago and i love the thing, basically u should be lookin for an MC22 engine, between 92-94 model with 25000-35000 is decent i think for around $5000 - $6000, remember u also need $1500 for helmet and gear and $300 for a service.

    Wen buying a CBR just make sure it starts 1st time. Most should only need abit of throttle to start, even wen its cold, make sure it sounds nice, you can always add an exhaust for $1000, but alot already have them fitted, and one thats in generally good condition. Around 80% of the CBR250RR's that i've seen have cracks and scratches from minor drops, which is fair enough since the bikes are fairly old. Remember cracks and scratches dont make the bike go slower.

    Try online at bikesales and bikepoint, buyint a 1st bike private is probably better, just go with someone that knows about bikes, you will get a bike thats $7000 in the shops for around $5000 privatley.

    Rego is around $250, 3rd Party Insurance is around $200 + $200 for full damage cover.

    And remember that you will probably have a minor crash on ur 1st bike, if you dont then you have to ride faster and harder. So don't spend to much. but around $8000 should get you on the road with a nice bike and gear.
  7. My honest opinion that there are alot of better bikes out there for the same money. Have you considered the zzr, across, or even the vtr is a gem. Think about why most of these cbr's are in bad shape.. :roll: and as said dont buy from sumoto, that means anything.. :evil:
  8. I've also jumped on those other 250's. The only other 250 worth considering is a ZZR Ninja, the rest are 2 wheel lawnmowers. CBR's are more common and popular so the resale on your bike after 1 year or so will be better if you don't smash it.

    But definatley keep your eye out for any ZZR250 Ninjas. Theres also 2 different models to look out for, so do some research before you buy. But you can't go wrong with a good CBR250RR.
  9. do you mean the zx2r and zzr? they're quite seperate models. in the USA they call it a 250 ninja but here it's just a zzr250.
  10. One thing I noted when buying mine, was that one wouldn't rev past 8k... now that could be fixed with a service, but i didn't want to bother with the hasstle if it wasn't...

    and ALWAYS get a RWC, i made the mistake cos he said would take a few weeks.... wait that few weeks, i had to do $1400 worth (but that incl a service) to get it to RWC. Biggest killer was $250 per front disk if they are under spec.

    GL finding a good one tho, go the honda ;) ;) :LOL:
  11. I still think your best price will come with a private sale once you have decided which bike you want to go with.

    Oh, and welcome tcox :grin:
  12. The Ninja 250 in america is actually the GPX250 here not the ZZR250. (It's also called the EX250 i can't remember where though).

    In terms of CBR's i think they are overpriced for what they are. They are usually thrashed something fierce aswell. Do yourself a favour and buy something cheaper and save your money for something better further down the track when you are off restrictions.

    I am biased but the GPX is excellent. Good value for money.
    The ZZR is a bit more expensive but you can see the small differences that make it that way.

    There are craploads of bikes out there, search the forums. Read reviews etc and if you are one for looks make sure you check out www.bikepics.com they have pretty much every model covered with user submitted pics.

    Good luck :)
  13. The ZXR250 (ZX2R) is a great bike and shouldnt be overlooked. Not as popular as the CBR's but I believe it is mechanically superior to the CBR.
  14. i stand corrected, now that you mention it i remember a US forum where they were all bitching that they don't get the zzr. i don't think they can complain though as they seem to pay only 70% of what we do for new bikes :(