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AVG 2011 antivirus sucks, any good antivirus suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. As the Title says, after years of using AVG antivirus's on my computer without problems, i had to go to the 2011 antivirus recently, it was terrible, nothing like the version 9 i had paid for before.

    It was completely bloated, a system hog and slowed the computer extremely unreasonably, a quick google search show i was not alone in these complaints.
    It's a pity because i used the paid versions of AVG to support them, not just the free ones, but i was forced to uninstall it and go with microsoft security essentials for now.

    So as the thread title suggests, what is good, any suggestions from people are welcome, but beware i am not a tech head and easilly lost in computer discussions, it is just for my home computer which is used for net surfing a bit of online games ect
  2. Still using AVG here (the free one...) and no problems - I don't use the toolbar, "family protection" or any of that other crap though...
    Someone I work with, whose opinion I hold in high regard, says good thing about Security Essentials.
  3. Just running security essestials here also - no probs so far
  4. Yep just running security essentials seems to be the advice via google searches,
    Had no problems with AVG at all till i got the 2011 version, the paid for one not the free version, and it just slowed my computer immensely, whats the use of being protected from p0rn viruses if you can't even get the page loaded from the eyebrows down [-(
  5. I seem to recall one of the other PCs in the house having performance problems with 2011, which were resolved by reinstalling - tried that?
    (From memory, CPU sat on about 50% util at idle)
  6. NOD32 sounds perfect for what you need. Very efficient running, very good protection.
  7. +1

    NOD32 is excellent. Highly recommend.
  8. I've been using nod32 on my personal computer for years now. Pretty good :)
  9. Presently running Avast in conjunction with spybot. They are both free and I've never had any issues with either. I'm not a boffin, and don't know how they stack up comparatively speaking. Only went with avast because the uni-techs were suggesting it as a free option for their students 7 or 8 years ago before the lawyers tapped them on the shoulder and suggested they oughtn't be recommending anything lest they be seen as accountable.

    I think I experimented with AGV, but had too many problems with it.

    Spybot doesn't have real-time protection, so you have to remember to run the scan yourself. But it has occasionally picked up stuff avast has missed or wasn't concerned by.

    PS. What's the joke with the smurf boobs tag?
  10. I don't use any anti-virus. Never have. In 20 years of using PCs I've never had a virus or a trojan, worm, whatever. I don't use windoze for email - simple as that.
  11. Just seeing who is searching for them, plus a bit of time on my hands
  12. Fail...
  13. If you're on windows just use microsoft security essentials, which is free and surprisingly good for a Microsoft product. And don't watch dodgy stuff on the interwebs.
  14. Well if never getting a virus is a fail whaddya call a win?
  15. firewall for the win

    or linux :)
  16. common sense has worked p well for me thus far
  17. If you don't have the program to find them how do you know you don't have any?
  18. I've been using AVG Free for years and never had a performance problem with any computer. I always do a minimal install, say "no" TO ANYTHING any software company wants to install along with what I asked for in the first place, tool-bars etc........

    I DO think with the increasing complexity of the whole environment, that some packages don't play well together.
  19. For my customers who don't want to spend money, I recommend Security Essentials. It's surprisingly light weight, just does what's required and it works well.

    If you live in a hermetically sealed World, with no other devices on your network you might not get a virus. We don't even see that many viruses in our client base any more (Win7 especially). It's all targeted malware using social engineering or drive by infection. When RSA can be hacked using a simple flash embeded virus in an Excel spreadsheet using basic social engineering, you'd be naive to think you're immune.

    For the sake of $0, I'd run an AV program.
  20. so cejay are you saying that most viruses are now distributed through Facebook, etc??

    sounds like my decision to stay away is well justified :LOL: