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Average WOMANS helmet size?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lurker, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. XS

  2. S

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  4. L

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  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it looks like my riding career is over (or at the very least delayed for a couple of years) two months after it started :(

    So I need to sell all of my gear that I spent $2k on about six weeks ago. Being female, and therefore a NR minority, I am thinking ebay might be the best way to go?

    Anyway, my question is mostly about my helmet - I apparently have a weird shaped head and had to go up to a L (Shoei), I almost went unisex, but ended up getting a slightly girly one. So now I am left thinking that there probably isn't a high demand for womens helmets in L sizes.... so thought I would start a poll just to get an idea. Annoyed now I didn't go for a unisex one, would like to cover majority of my money :roll:

    *ETA: I know sizing varies between brands, but a rough idea is what I am after :)
  2. darn....what happened?????
  3. The only difference with helmets in the same model is the graphics.
    Please tell me they didn't tell you they were made differently for women.
  4. what's diff between girl and boy helmet?
  5. Pete couldn't keep it in his pants :wink: . Turns out he will have another little mini me running around in six months or so.... and seeing as he is upgrading soon, no point keeping the 250 unused until I am ready to ride it again.

    No, no! By girly I did just mean the graphics, I almost got one with fairly neutral graphics, but ended up getting the Shoei Fab.... while it's not REALLY girly, I don't think most guys would dig it either. Regretting it now as I am pretty certain there is more of a demand for mens helmets in a Large size than womens :roll:
  6. Well congrats on the interuption to your riding! Any chance you could keep the gear for when you get back on? or you need the cash?
  7. Thank you - it was an interesting surprise :)

    I sort of figured I would be better of trying to sell the gear while it is still pretty new. Even after the new bub gets here and I have lost the gazillion kilos I will need to to get back into it, Pete will have upgraded bikes by then, so I won't be able to ride his (was only just getting confident on the 250!), and I don't really see us going out and buying another 250 just for me... I mostly ride for convenience (commuting) rather than having any great passion for it.

    So yeah, don't want to keep it 'just in case' and then have to try and sell it after it's been sitting in the garage for two years... if I do start riding again, better off just to buy new gear again down the track I think.
  8. well, gee...what a nice reason to have to sell the gear..... :shock:

    congratulations to both of you.....

  9. lol this thread sounds just like what is the average womans arse size :LOL:
  10. nup...that thread would only have two posts - the first one would be the question and the second one would be the answer - "whatever she says".....

  11. So one helmet has caused the demise of another helmet huh? :wink: :LOL:
  12. I like to think that I am far from the average woman, but I wear XS in the brands I wear.
  13. Just find a slightly a guy in touch with his feminine side :LOL: :LOL:
  14. There's no option for my size? I wear XXS. Hey the skull may be tiny but the brain is worked overtime unlike XXL who uses a tiny area of brains :p