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Average tune up price, Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ozyrobo, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Hi all. my name is Rob ,I am 69 years old, have been diagnosed with prostate cancer so decided to get my Ls and buy a bike, I am now the owner of a Hyosung 2006 , 250 comet. Naked. love riding and feeling sixteen again, I have had the bike six weeks and have with the help of the internet replaced the clutch, oil filter-oil-air filter, brake discs, front and rear+ pads and resprayed as previous owner had dropped it a couple of times leaving dents in the tank and a few scratches, this being the reason for him selling it cheap. I would welcome some input on how much it would cost for a tune up, average price as I feel this is beyond me, I live on the Northern Beaches ( Avalon ) Sydney, any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Rob.
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  2. Rob Hyosung 250 Comet 2006. tune up quote.
    Thanks Rob
  3. Have fun riding and I can't think of s better reason to take up riding
  4. G'day Rob, welcome to NR, can't help with the tune up prices but throw up the question in the technical support section.
  5. Thank you for reply will follow your blogs. Cheers ozyrobo
  6. i think your well on the way to maintaining your bike yourself if you have already done that work
    enjoy mate
    hope you get over the cancer
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  7. Thank you for your reply and love the quote, will check technical support,

    Cheers Rob.
  8. Thanks uncle Greg, I ride to the hospital, about an hour away. for radiation treatment every day, and find it amusing when friends say riding a bike is dangerous but do not mention the word cancer, we are here for a good time not a long time. Love the bike and will upgrade when I get my Ps.
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  9. good on you mate
    i like your attitude
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  10. There's not that much to a tune up on the carbied models. First get yourself a workshop manual, you'll need some data like fuel levels. Give the carbies a good clean (inside and out), check and set the fuel level in the float bowls, check and adjust the balance, check and replace the spark plugs as required (clean and gap them if you like though most don't these days) and replace air and fuel filters if they're dirty or due. You've already done the oil and oil filter. You could also change the brake fluid if you're not sure it's been done in the last two years.
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  11. i would ad
    if the bike is running well
    dont touch the carbies
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  12. I can recommend a great shop down your way if needed, Motocycle Weaponry. Really good blokes to deal with.
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  13. Thanks Dark Angel that is exactly what I needed to know, I just bought some carbie clean today. also painted engine flat black and changed the bars to a smaller set. looks good. Happy riding . Rob
  14. Pay attention to what uncle greg said as well. If it's running fine, don't open the carbies up! There's some very small parts in there that can be hard to replace if you lose them down a crack in the cement. Cleaning down the outside, without moving them, is enough for now. If you really want to do something, throw some carby cleaner in the fuel tank. That will take care of any light deposits in the jets etc without risking anything.
    I'll just reiterate: if it's running fine, not stalling or sputtering, no hard starting, crisp acceleration (for that bike), then there's no need to pull it right down just yet. Get yourself a workshop manual and start reading before you do anything.
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  15. Welcome to the forums, Rob.
  16. Welcome and happy riding. Great attitude.
  17. Thanks Guys. I will take on-board all comments and get hold of a manual first, time to pick up my pizza.
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  18. wow
    just finished mine
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  19. I'll tune it up for u mate, $1000 will cover it. Still cheaper than most mechanics...;-)