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Average speed of commuting, bike vs. car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Being board on the way into work lately and have recently collected time and distance of commutes.

    Have read a few articles in the media about how lane filtering with bikes and scooters does not add any appreciable time to getting to your destination (claiming you still have traffic lights and speed limits etc.)

    Must say, What bollocks!!

    This morning from Brighton to the city, on the neapean hyw. average speed was 18 kph :shock: (16.5 k's in 55 min) in the car (no wonder there is f-ing so much road rage!!).

    Same traffic last week on the bike average speed 45 kph!! This was leaving at 8:00am. The difference was massive.

    However in school holidays. Car same distance average speed 35 kph, bike about 50 kph.

    Remember, this is on a 4 lane 80 kph road, straight into the city!!

    Would hate to think of people travelling from built up suburbs like brunswick etc.

    What has been your experince?
  2. I'm not a regular commuter, but that does seem to bear out the anecdotal evidence that has been around for a while.

    And did you see the Top Gear episode where Clarkson in a car raced a marathon runner into the centre of London, and lost???
  3. damn...my commute's about 10 min each way, average speed about 60kph. mind you there's bugger all traffic down here. it's almost not worth riding, it's only half hour on the pushie.
  4. I commute every day on the monash from Blackburn road to city on the bike. Rarely take the cage. However I usually do the trip in 25mins compared to 50mins in the car.

    I'm not big on lane-splitting or filtering either, as I'm happy to sit in traffic. My golden rule is never split above 40km/h.

    Despite this bike Vs. car is almost "Traffic Vs. No Traffic". :grin:
  5. My commute is currently 35km, of which 5km is inbound, then the remaining 30km is outbound.
    Car time is currently around 1hour 20min in the morning. Bike time averages around 45min. I take a different route because I don't have to pay tolls on bike, but If I do use the car on that route, its only around 5min quicker than the usual car trip.
    Return trip is 1hour–1hour10min (except Friday which is at least 1hour 50min :evil: ) by car, opposed to 45min by bike. Traffic makes no difference to my bike time.
  6. Due to roadworks I've been passing an average of a couple of hundred cars a day while filtering - but they'd be happy to know I'm not really making up much time on them. ;)
  7. I commute from Clovelly to Botany in Sydney and it takes me about 20-25mins in morning Traffic in the car... and about 10-15 mins on the bike :).


    If I fly up to visit the GF in Hornsby at her place during the week in peak hour afternoon traffic.

    MIN: 50mins - 1HR in middle of peak in the car.

    25mins on the bike :bolt: :biker: Ohhh YEAHHHHHH

    Im a lane splitter and proud of it!!!!
  8. I used to live in Bentleigh (Melbourne), and would pillion my wife to her job in Prahran, and then head off to South Melbourne for my job.

    As much as my wife disliked the prospect of turning up to work with helmet hair, she really appreciated that on the bike that the commute time by car was 30-40 minutes, but on the bike it was 15-18 minutes.

    We'd scoot through stationary columns of traffic, sometimes passing up to 500m of cars at a time before they started to move again.

    Yes, there was road-rage too. More than a few times we'd actually get car drivers deliberately trying to block us, and on two occasions, actually tried to knock us off, all because we were moving and they weren't.
  9. From experience going in a car and bike for me 30km trip it saves about 10-15min in a 40 min trip. In heavy traffic it would save more than 25min as bikes just filter through the traffic.
  10. I don't have a massive difference in time taken between car and bike (maybe 5 minutes faster on bike, but that's lost in putting my gear on). Unless the ring rd is fcuked... which is 2/5 days. Then I split like a mofo and save myself half an hour per trip. Either way the bike is less stressful and I arrive happier - sometimes soaking wet, but always happier.
  11. Yeah, the "gear" thing slows it down for me. For my Melb -> Geelong commute, the car is about 10 minutes faster in total.

    Riding into the CBD though, both my mountainbike and motorbike set the fastest times, and the car takes a good 10-20 minutes longer if I haven't fainted due to parking prices. ;)

    Psychologically I think cycling and motorbike riding are "faster" - I'm sure we all prefer the illusion of a faster trip even though all that time (and more) are lost to getting changed out of our gear.
  12. Right on Port! Two wheels rocks.

    My commute to work is 6minutes in the cage on a good day... 10minutes on a bad day. There's no advantage really getting on the bike so I rarely ride... but there is one difference that makes it worth the effort... I arrive at work feeling happier! :) I feel ya bro! Word!

    When I was learning to fly, I used to fly out of Moorabbin airport. If I went on the bike I'd arrive at Moorabbin in as short as 35 minutes (if I was in lunatic rider mode) but more frequently 45 minutes... and I'd split morning westgate freeway traffic most of the way... in the car though - well, that's a whole other story... 60 - 70 minutes was typical... 90minutes was the worst.
  13. I've been forced to ride the last couple of months, unless i've managed to pinch a car off family/friends.

    It hasn't saved me THAT much time....but I'm a wuss when it comes to filtering and only really filter when the traffic is at a near to total standstill (much to the annoyance of other riders on Frankston Fwy - although I DO move over and let them through).

    Splitting does give the illusion that i'm getting there quicker...even if i'm technically not :LOL:
  14. commute about once a week

    60+ Km each way

    takes an hour in the car or about 15 minutes on the bike.... most of that time difference being Deer Park and the westgate feeway.
  15. I ride from Richmond to Reservoir (About 15k's each way)

    The bike coming home (Hoddle St, ewww) is about 15-25 min faster, depending on traffic etc.

    Probably why I haven't driven the car in the last 12 odd months to work :)
  16. I save about 15 minutes off a 1hr 15min car trip. that's if there is no accidents or similar in which case start adding up the difference.

    Having said that getting my gear on and off at each end probably accounts for 10-15min, so the advantage the bike has is only if there is a hold up in traffic.

    Mind you with the distance i do that's probably an average of 2 days per week.
  17. Peak hour

    Car Mt Martha to the CBD park oand get to my office 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours

    Bike same trip 1 hour and 10 minutes.

    If the traffic is bad biking is a mile quicker, if no traffic not much difference.
  18. definitely a good point that you have to take into account the time it takes to get geared up for the bike. If i take gear-up time into the equation then its faster driving, but i'll still ride thanks very much.
  19. My best savings are on the 5 minute trip to the local supermarket.

    Travel time, same.

    Time in car park: 1 minute on bike each way, 5 * n minutes in a car.
  20. I ride from Elsternwick to the city (Melbourne) pretty much every day. I take St Kilda Rd, then Kings Way. I find the time I leave makes a huge difference, with only moderate filtering/splitting at 8am it takes over 30 minutes, at 8.30 it takes me just over 20 minutes and when I leave home at 7.15 it takes about 15 minutes.

    At the busier times the cars are queued up (and barely moving) from Glen Huntley road all the way into the city...