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Average speed cameras and L's in VIC

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pmacleod, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Just a question on the fixed speed cameras and average speed detection stuff in Victoria. Does that stuff know if you are on your L's and detect/calculate accordingly, or is it just dumb and assumes fully-licensed riders and drivers ?

    If it's smart enough to know about L's from NSW, I'll have to avoid the motorways in a couple of days on my way to Phillip Island. No biggie, but forewarned is forearmed :grin:


    Disclaimer : This post is for informational purposes only, and in no way implies that I would break the L plater speed limit if I knew I wouldn't get picked up. Honest. I'm just not a big fan of the idea of being run over by trucks doing 10 over while I'm doing 30 below on the damn freeway.
  2. is there a special "L plate" reduced speed limit in victoria? i didnt think there was
  3. Victoria has no specific speed restriction for L or P platers, but as a NSW rider you must ride to the conditions of your license, not to those of the state you are in.

    (Whether you should or shouldn't "pretend" to be a Vic L-plater while you're there is for others to debate)

    As for whether or not it's clever enough to know what speed limit you should be doing, that's tricky.

    I'd go out on a limb and say that it's unlikely... It's probably only a dumb photo-matching system and will only care if any vehicle goes over a certain average speed.

    But in saying that, I won't pay your speeding ticket if you get one. :p
  4. Mate do your 110 on the Hume and dont stress. (100 elsewhere)
  5. The camera's are set to pick up vehicle that go a certain number of K's over the posted limit. (not L & P restricted speeds, just the posted limit)

    The camera itself cannot distinguish if you are on your L's P's or full licence.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, as always all the useful knowledge in this world is on this forum :grin:

  7. that and i really doubt cops would bother pulling you over in Vic, of your NSW L/P doing the speed limit, and not the required 10km/h under or whatever it is....
  8. You 100% certain on that?

    I know others that were booked for traveling at 80 on a freeway with a posted limit of 100.

    A question for the boy in blue I think
  9. the police can actualy book a driver for doing anything under 20km/h under the post speed restriction but that is up to the officer.as doing 30 - 40 K's under on a freeway i expect they would advise alternative route.
  10. Going to skip the freeways and go down the coast via Bega, Lakes Entrance etc as it turns out...might burn home on the Hume though so the knowledge is still useful.

  11. Might I suggest a run through the Black Spur then onto Mansfield, Whitfield and Wangaratta so you can avoid the Camera'd sections of the Hume and get some twisties in at the same time.
  12. Preeeeeeeetty certain. They are, afterall, license conditions set by that state's motoring authority, just like the BAC 0.0% and power/displacement.

    Victorian friends on P-plates have gotten out of "110 in a 110 zone" speeding tickets in NSW by pointing out that they are driving under the terms of their license conditions.

    Whether or not a Victorian police officer would be cruel enough to book a NSW learner for 'doing as the Romans do' is another question.

    I agree though; best to ask our resident policeofficer. :)
  13. I have it on very good authority that Vicpol can't write up an NSW L/P plater because no such penalty exists in Vic.

    I got caught at 125 in a 110 zone in NSW (when I was on my Vic P's) and i got written up for 15 over.

    I've also been pulled over whilst going 110 in a 110 zone whilst on my Vic Learners in NSW. The cops just checked my learner permit, gave me a breatho and I'm on my way. Although apparently all learners are held to 80kmh in NSW, regardless of the state of issue.

    To answer the OP, do the limit in Victoria.
  14. OP. Dont forget to get in a couple of hook turns then go and legally park on a footpath somewhere while you're here :LOL:
  15. Well, I've been asking around a bit.

    http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/gettingalicence/motorcycle/learner_rider_licence.html is still my belief - it's a restriction of the learner permit given to the rider and not a NSW road rule. Just like the NSW LAMS, no pillion, etc.

    Asked Hubie (Ask Police) whether a NSW learner must comply with their license's speed restrictions while in VIC:

    Hubie said,
    "It would be best to check with VicRoads, but I would suggest that while in rome, you must do as the romans do. I would not book a learner for doing 100 in a 100 zone unless there was a specific Victorian rule stating otherwise."

    (I agree, it'd be pretty cruel to book a NSW L or P plater for doing VIC speed limits to avoid holding up traffic)

    I've written to VicRoads, awaiting their response. :)
  16. L platers do actually have a speed limit in Victoria. We cannot go over 80, even on the freeway. I know because I am one. It might be a more recent law, but it's in the motorcycle L's handbook.
  17. Are you certain, and can you tell me the page number?

    I've looked at the VicRoads website and have a copy of the motorcycle L's handbook (just downloaded the brand-new one to be sure) and see no reference anywhere to a license-specific speed limit - The handbook doesn't appear to have changed at all since I was a VIC learner, actually.

    (A text search shows that the only uses of the number '80' are... page 80's page number, and a question about encountering steering wobbles at 80kph on a freeway)

  18. There is no learner limit or P's limit in Victoria - the normal speed limits apply. How old is your handbook?

    Try reading the current handbook (2Mb PDF)
  19. I remember from car driving days that as a Learner, I and my instructor were to obey Victorian road rules. Once licensed, ie, Probationary licensee, you need to obey the rules of the state you were traveling in (not including license conditions, like the 90km/h limits in NSW).

    The reason we found out was because until recently supervisors for learners in Victoria only had to seated in the front passenger seat. Didn't matter if they were awake, drunk or otherwise, as long as they were seated and fully licensed. Not sure if it's changed, but I know that rule differs from NSW (they require the supervisor to be alert, in control of the vehicle and under 0.02 BAC).

    And yes, the boys in blue explained that one to us. :p
  20. +1

    I had an 80km/h limit during my L & P period but that was back in 1981-83 :wink:

    It was a pain in the backside at the time & I found I was getting in peoples way in traffic on the narrower sections of the highways.