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NSW Average speed camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ham, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. I went for a trip to the country on the weekend and came across something I have never seen before. On the Great Western highway between Lithgow and Bathurst there was a camera with a sign saying 'Average speed camera'. I saw one a Yetholme, between Lithgow and Bathurst, and a corresponding one at Raglan, just outside Bathurst about 25 kms past the first one.

    Does anyone know anything about average speed cameras? I was unaware they had been rolled out in NSW. I have heard it could be only for trucks, but it had me paranoid for the whole trip.

  2. So you have to keep under the limit for 25kms? F- That.

    I understand they still want to roll them out in canberra. People resume their normal speed once theyve passed a camera so Im worried that average speed cameras will be the next progression.
  3. They are introducing 2 in Qld this year as well over a 13k stretch of road. No idea where it is yet they have kept that a bit mum I think compared to the new fixed placed cameras.
  4. Bring a stopwatch and a picnic lunch
  5. We have had them in Vic for quite a while.
    The Calder Hwy has them for example.
  6. So your friends can sit and watch while you go for the high score?
  7. I stopped to take a leak in a servo on the hume highway yesterday and saw an ad on the wall about this but it was targetted at trucks.

    So how does it work if it gets you on one camera and not on the other (your behind a truck for example).
  8. No.....


    So you can speed, pull over, have a picnic, check that you've stopped for long enough and be on your merry way.

    Countdown timer instead of stopwatch then.
  9. What's the point of speeding then stopping for coffee. You might as well just keep rolling at the average speed.

    I think average speed cams are also instantaneous speed cams - though I'm not certain about that.
  10. I stopped for fuel at the petrol station between the cameras on the way back. That should mean I can do 200 km/hr to 'catch up'. :p
  11. Or you could just throw a tyre over them and set them on fire.
  12. +1 :angel:
  13. If there were lines across the road on a regular basis then that is arial speed monitoring and that is for all vehicles. They have recently re-introduced that in NSW.

    If it's the camera's on the gantries, then that is for trucks and it's been around for quite a while now.
  14. Hume Freeway actually (Cooper St - Broadford), no permanent cameras on the Calder (yet).

    It just means it's not a Good camera or Bad camera just an Average camera :rofl:
  15. Whilst going to the Triumph Rally this weekend...The Bathurst stretch - cameras are not on gantries. Pole mounted on side of road..front and rear facing cameras.

    Anyone inspected how far the road sensors extend across the lanes?
  16. you're talking about the one at hartley then. I have no idea how that could be an average speed camera, because there are no further speed cameras between there and dubbo along the great western.
  17. No, the one at Hartley (90km/h zone..just near the Oberon/Jenolan Caves road turnoff) is a common or garden variety speed camera.

    The pair of cameras I am talking about are between bathurst and Lithgow. Well..they were there on Saturday morning and again in the afternoon.

    They are averaging speed cameras because that is what the sign says they are.

    RTA link above indicates the distance between the pair of cameras is 27km.

    I think it's a 4 lane road at that point so there's a gap between sensor lane sets and also on the road verge.

    In any case..as per RTA site and above, the system is targetting heavy vehicles only..at this stage.
  18. wow. ok. they werent there last time I was...
  19. From what I've seen of the average speed cameras, they are pointing forward...