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Average Life of Chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Replaced Chain & Spockets 11 mths ago ( about 12,000km ago ).A set of Super Sprockets & an RK 520 O-ring Chain. I'm pretty pedantic when it comes to maintaining the bike. Chain gets lubed fortnightly, weekly at times, & checked for adjustment. Last adjustment was 2 weeks ago ( that time I hadn't tightened the rear axle enough, which added to that ' jerkiness around corners' problem I posted.
    Checked the adjustment yesterday .. :shock: almost 35 mm of play.
    I usually give it around 25mm. Seems unusual that it had 'stretched' ? so much in so little time. The adjustment indicators on the swingarm is now showing 'out of recommended' range :?

    My question here is :
    How long should a well maintained chain last?
    Is there a better chain I should be using ? ie DID x-ring?

    PS: Perhaps I damaged the chain due to :

  2. Vinnie, I'm on 50,000km, and still on the OEM chain.

    What kind of distances between lubes have you been doing? What does 1 - 2 weeks mean in terms of kms??

    Do you give your warm chain a quick squirt and spin after any longish rides?? This doesn't mean cleaning, just a spray and quick roll of the wheel to spread the lube.
  3. I usually get around 30,000km to a chain. I usually replace the sprockets at the same time too. I go for whatever chain the dealer has in stock that fits the bike (Blackbird).

    I'm a bit slack when it comes to maintenance. I usually only tend to adjust and lube it every so often, but usually before a big trip.
  4. Rob, I lube the chain about every 500kms ( fortnightly)
    I hate to admit, never a warm chain and use Chain Wax paying particular attention to the o-rings at either side of the links.
    Nope :oops: That said a longish ride for me is say 150-200kms.

    Judging by the life you and mjt57 are getting, I'm doing something wrong. :?
  5. Just quickly while on the subject of chain maintenance, how do I prevent lube spraying all over my bike even after about 12 or so hours of the bike not being ridden? I don't think I use too much lube(possibly not even enough). Any advice will help keep my bike free of grease spots.
  6. Vinnie, when you pull into the garage, while the chain is still warm, pop the bike on a paddock stand and give the chain a quick squirt. Remember that a small amount goes a LONG way. Spin the wheel (paddock stands make this easy) lots and since the chain is warm, the lube will flow and spread and the light volatiles will weather off leaving the lube behind. This will help avoid fling off. (Kenny, take note)

    A 150km ride is perfect distance for a lube touch up.

    You can keep doing this while your chain is clean or until your rear sprocket has a black greasey layer on the teeth (my trigger for a clean if I haven't been out in the rain).

    A little bit often, goes a long way meaning a good clean every now and then.


    Oh, and I use Motul road. Best stuff I've used so far. Goes on light and liquidy, soaks in, and any excess wipes off easily.
  7. Thanks Rob ...I'll have to buy myself a stand I guess. I borrow one a few doors up from work, which means a cold chain by the time they rock up. Having my own will mean I can lube the chain as soon as I arrive to work.
  8. dood, grab a tommy jack from that one up malaka. $65 does the job easy.

    Or toss me $50 and you can have mine.

    I no longer need it :grin:
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  10. :shock: I've never seen those suckers before. Great Idea, compact too I see, and alot cheaper than a paddock stand. I'll check what the guys 2 doors up want for a stand, but may pm you in regard to the jack Vic
    Thanks Guys!!
  11. Vinnie I think the Bandit runs 520 chain and I'm at 7,500 and only adjusted it twice (maybe 3 times when I had a puncture fixed).
    The thing is the specs for the 1250 chain adjustment are way to tight for my liking. I suspect yours may be the same mate.
  12. What amount of play do you give yours Chris ?
  13. My 400 has 80,000kms on the odo and has had 2 chains and one set of sprockets. My 750 has 75,000kms on it and is on its second chain and sprocket set. I never ever clean the chain and sprockets. Never. A good 5-10 minute blast at 200 plus does the best chain clean ever. A light lube of whatever takes your fancy after every ride is the ticket. And DID O ring chain is the go. Need not be expensive either. $75-$100 on special. I don't like RK chain. When you press the pins out of DID chain you can easliy tell the difference to RK chain. (The DID chain f#cks up my chain breaker pin every time :LOL: :LOL: )
  14. My Triumph Daytona did 60k on its o.e.m chain [DID 530] It now has another 20k on the second chain which is an RK 530 x ring & should last ages.
    All i do is clean the chain with kero ,dry it then go for a 2-3km ride to warm the chain.
    Then a light spay of chain lube on the inside run.

  15. A good 35mm loaded Vinnie. The chain tightens as load is applied. May not matter if you are a 60kg fart but different for a fat arse like me :LOL:

    I clean with kero 2 - 3 times per year and light lube every 500k (fortnightly) this stretches to 1000k if touring.
  16. Sounds like you may have your chain too tight. Like the above says, the chain tightens as suspension moves up!