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Average K's per year for a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I am just wondering what the average yearly KM's per year for a bike would be. Is it comparable with a car? I searched the forums for something but couldn't locate anything relating to this.

  2. spose it depends on how often you ride,
    I've done 9500k'm since mid January on the bike
    and only 600k's in my car.(car only gets used when I have to carry stuff/or people)
  3. I used to do almost 20,000k's per year when commuting & general riding.

    I just ride on weekend now and I think it will be between 10-12,000k's per year.

  4. So what makes a lot of K's for a bike? Would 60,000 for a 3 year old be excessive or bang on?
  5. That's a lot if you're comparing averages.

    From my personal exp of watching sale sites, an average bike does around 10k a year. _Average_

    This has nothing to do with how good the engine is etc. Just what an average rider puts on a bike a year.

    Me on the other hand does that every 3 months. :)
  6. Here's my thoughts and philosophy..
    Kane me if you like, your entitled to your opinions as am I :)

    First, some benchmark Milages :-

    * Average Bike service interval = 6 Months or 6000Kms.

    * Average "life" of a bike before its due for MAJOR costs/work etc = 90,000Kms or according to above, 7.5 years

    * Weekend spins @ approx 200Km = 10,400Km's.
    * Half that if you dont travel in wet weather = 5,200Km's
    * Divide it by 6 if you live Melbourne and dont travel in the wet = 1733Kms ;)

    * Commuting @ 100Km's per day (based on 50Kms each way) * 5 days per week * 48 weeks per year = 24,000Kms

    * Courier work @ 400Km per day * 5.5 days * 50 weeks = 110,000Kms per year

    THEREFORE - Average Km's based on above :-

    * 12,000Kms per year if your doing the Service interval average.

    * 24,000Kms per year if your a commuter.

    * 10,400Kms per year if your a social rider.

    * 110,000Kms per year if your a commercial rider/courer.

    * 250Km's per year if your a "Shannons Enthusiest" (couldn't resist this one ;))

    MATE - take your pick.... :)
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  7. i do about 20kms a day (back and forth from work) weekends when its fine then another 300kms so on a good week id do about 400kms.

    But this year i worked out to be under 10k kms.
  8. I'd do between 10 - 15,000km p.a., mostly for fun. :cool:
  9. I've done 5000 since August.
    this is my first bike so can't tell you my yearly KM's yet.