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VIC Average insurance cost for Virago 250?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by YamahaWoman, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at a 2006 250 Virago and was wondering how much I should expect to pay to insure it. Can anyone help me out?

  2. Everyone is different, u will need to get online quotes from the insurance companies to find out
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  3. Slow news day? Seriously some folks are soo asking for a flaming. Unless you are being funny. In that case this is a great Thread. Can I please have my two minuets back please.

    For the record....about $10 gazillion for you matey!

    lol (almost)

    Ps just noticed that this was put it he correct forum. Honking Horns....this may be a serious question fellas!
  4. 1. don't buy it.
    2. if you are going to buy it ring around the insurance companies.
    3. its different for each person, age etc..
    4. don't buy it.
  5. It would be helpful if you were to elaborate on points 1 and 4, how come you don't think Tahlia should buy insurance?
  6. I meant don't buy the bike.. i am not a fan of viragos..

    of course buy insurance, who doesn't have insurance?
  7. The correct answer is "it depends...."

    Don't forget to mention Netrider as a number of companies will give you ad discount for membership.
  8. Hi all,

    I dont have my bike yet but when I do get it, I want to get some sort of comprehensive insurance for it but I dont know what to ask for or how much to cover it for replacement for example... Can anyone guide me as to what I should have in my policy as a must because I dont have the means to buy another bike if I stuff this one up or write it off.
  9. Look at the exclusions, if you want to do those then buy another policy.
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