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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. OK, I give up.
    I've been using Photoshop since version 4, and I thought I was good with graphics, but how the heck do you get ANY picture small enough for the size limit for the avatar???

  2. get a simply pic, reduce the size to, i think 45 x 45 pixels, i done this on friday and it wouldn't let me load mine up anway. was only 2.5kb and it wouldn't let me.

    good luck
  3. reuse the colour depth, and increase the compression ratio...i have used Paint shop pro for avatars in the past and can easily make 10k or smaller.

    don't forget to resize your canvas/imahe to the required pixel size.
  4. 1. use the 'save for web' option under your file menu
    2. select gif file and reduce the number of colours or the 'lossy' slider.

    the file size limit is pretty small (understandably) so you have to sacrifice a little of the quality.

    hope this helps :D
  5. Try looking in another bike forum so that you can see it in action aswell as how big they are at the same time..Thats how i found mine!!!!!!!
  6. I have a pic-resizer software that auto does it .
  7. Now THERE is a classic instance of something being quoted out of context..
  8. i always use jpeg...must be habit...never had one rejected yet.
  9. I use Paintshop for just about all my pic needs

    fixing refinishing cutting pasting images
    and resizing images too....
    tis' easy

  10. There was a problem with uploading avatars - a small byproduct of our move to a new server last weekend. It's now been fixed! Thanks for letting me know Flipper :)
  11. No probs Jase.
    Thanx Groberts for my new avater :D
  12. Why is the avatar limit 45px and 3kb anyway?

    Which poor sucker is using 14.4kb dial-up?

    Whats the point in having an avatar so-small you cant see it as you scroll down the page looking for any posts you made?

    Come on admin, lighten up a little. We could fit everyones avatar on NetRider, plus a game of WackyWheels on a floppy disk.

    It's 2005! :D
  13. 1. because that's what the mods have determined
    2. heaps of people, including thousands in rural Australia; read any papers lately?
    3. plenty of the avatars are very clear within the size constraints; look at mine!!
    4. I've already played wacky wheels right through; want some cheats?
    5. We had noticed
  14. This page that you are viewing right now, has a total download size of 114Kb (it will change slightly per person depending upon which advert graphic you are viewing). On a 56K modem, that will take around 5-15 secs for the page to load (depending upon the level of local browser caching).

    We try to find a middle ground to make the site usable by everyone. Not having large avatars and graphical sigs is that middle ground.
  15. don't call me a sucker
  16. don't tell fibs, Dan, you're at work leeching off someone's ADSL!!!
  17. Telstra only has to provide 19.2k according to it's Universal Service Obligation (USO) so those of us who can get 40-56k at home should consider ourselves lucky.

    Mind you broadband at work Rocks........
  18. Dan's still using two jam tins and a piece of string!
  19. OK well can someone whip me up an avatar out of this photo?


    Cos I sure as hell cant get it under 3kb :roll:

    Can I call you a Gimp? :wink: