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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. I was fortunate to score a free ticket to an advance screening of Avatar tonight. It was shown in 3D and they also gave away a large popcorn and drink :). Anyway, it is the best movie I've seen in a long time. What can I compare it to with what I've seen this year.... District 9. I wasn't all that impressed with District 9 and is rubbish compared to Avatar. The Day The Earth Stood Still. I thought it was ok but again nothing compared to Avatar. Go and see it if you can. It's a very good one. It goes for about 2.5 hours but it doesn't seem like it. When it finished, I was expecting to see 7:45 on my watch (it started just after 6:00) instead of 8:40.

    Oh, I saw Zombieland last week and if you like zombie movies then this one is for you. Once I quickly got used to the brutal killings and blood and guts (just what I was expecting from it) then I laughed my head off a number of times. It has some quite funny parts. This is diverting the attention from Avatar. Check it out!

  2. would this 3d stuff be available to our tv's when the dvd/blu ray comes out, or cant be done, anyone know?
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  4. 3d tv is available now (~$9k).

    HDMI and bluray are 3d capable
  5. The trailer for 'Dances with Smurfs' looks pretty good, hope the story line is as good as the cgi...

    Re the 3D TV: I see another format war coming.
  6. Unfortunately accord to most reviews it isn't...
  7. I loved it - saw it last night. I mean, it does to some extent sell its birthright for a pot of message, but the 'wow!' moments really work, partly because they're *not* emotionally manipulative and hyped like the would be with Spielberg and many other directors. The look is spectacular, and it's something you've never seen before... and raises the bar considerably for other movies. And, in all that spectacle, it still seems almost... restrained, in the way it allows the audience a bit of intelligence rather than always *telling* us what to think and feel.

    Highly recommended.

    (And, if you can avoid seeing the trailer first, do - way too many spoilers. Really wish I could have gone in knowing nothing.)
  8. Holy screaming turdballs, that movie was f*cking incredible.

    Yes, some parts of the plot had a distinct whiff of ham and cheese, but it blew my freakin' mind. I got so swept up in the story that I didn't want to leave that world when the credits rolled. Mag f*cking nificent. Blows everything else I've ever seen right off the screen. Oh, and I would TOTALLY bang a Na'vi chick.

    As for whether the 3D will make it to your telly... Yeah, possibly. But I saw it last night at IMAX, which is a screen so gigantic that it can actually hurt to watch 2D movies there. I was just a few rows from the front... And Avatar didn't look too big to me at all. It just looked real. You'd need to sit a foot from your bigscreen telly to have the same effect. I'm just writing the movie up for Gizmag, and I'm thinking of using the headline "has James Cameron just saved the movie theatre?"
  9. At $13 a pop James Cameron has not save the cinemas!
    But sure as hell he has increased p2p activity around the world.

    Wikipedia/google tells me the Japanese already have some limited 3D television programming.
  10. sounds unreal - i'll have to get off my donkey & see it!
  11. Hmmm.

    At the moment, the most widespread home 3D is really limited only to electronic shuttergoggles/shutterglasses, where your computer or television rapidly alternates between showing the left and right picture, and the goggles you're wearing rapidly switch the left and right lenses between "transparent" and "opaque", so that the left eye is "open" only when the left image is displayed, and the right eye is "open" only when the right image is displayed.

    A bit expensive at $150ish for a pair of electronic shutterglasses, and your TV/monitor needs to be able to survive showing 120 frames per second without catching fire.

    (Or there's oldskool red-and-cyan coloured 3D glasses, but that's "black and white", not colour)

    The movie cinema implementation is in some ways a lot simpler and would probably work on specially modified rear-projection and front-projection televisions. The left image is polarised with a circular polarising filter in one orientation, the right image is polarised with the other orientation, and the cheap polarising glasses they give you have the same filters, allowing the left image to reach the left eye and the right image to reach the right eye. :)

    Edit: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/04/10/3d_tv_stereoscopic_japan/ <-- There you go, your first ever television which uses the affordable polariser glasses. :) Interesting that it uses an LCD for the basis. I wonder how it alternates polarisations.
  12. Wow. Just, wow. Not going to say it was the best movie I have ever seen, but definitely up there with the best, the main let down being the ham and cheese plot as loz put it, and taht you knew what would eventuate within the first 20 min. At times bits looked paper mache and plastic and all over a bit starwarsy in appearance, but you can only expect so much from a movie set in a completely uncharted world. My biggest annoyance was "close" objects were quite blurry in the 3d and just made you want to cringe.

    In 2d, I would probably have given the movie about a solid 9. I felt the same as bravus in that it didnt try and manipulate you, but let you make up your own mind simply through depth of character. However, the biggest difference was in the depth and detail. I remember reading a while back that the producer didnt want you to leave thinking you just left the movie, but that you just left whatever the world was called. And it did, you felt part of the movie as if you were really there to such an extent that it almost wasnt a movie anymore. In this aspect it really did take the cinema to a new height, and left a hard act to follow. I think I can say this without hesitation: It was almost as good as a book. 3D is the way of the future. From now on, movies in 2d will always seem to be somewhat lacking substance.

    I would pay literally hundreds of dollars to see Lord of the Rings remastered into 3D on the big screen. If there is any movie with more potential to be gained by going to 3D, it is that one.

    :LOL: even though they are only 40 feet tall?
    (Fair call though)
  13. Im taking the kids to see this on wednesday!
    Even im looking forward to it and there almost nothing i hate more than spending 2 hours in the worlds most uncomfortable chairs trying to dodge the 7 foot dude that ALWAYS sits in front of me.
  14. I tried to book in to see this in Gold Class but every session was sold out. I heard when they first screened it last week in London they got a standing ovation from the audience, you dont see that very often.
  15. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!.

    (Insert the "Loz" review here! :-s)

    My mind immediately went to possible candidates for 3D treatment.

    The next:

    Lord of The Rings (not a fan but hey)
    Anything BIG LOUD and SCI FI.
  16. I'll be watching it tonight in 3d at imax. See how it goes.
  17. Yeah I'd say IMAX is the go - normally that screen is too damn big, but in 3D it's perrrrfect.
  18. amazing movie.

    I would say that going to see it in 2d would be a waste of money... the 3d experience made it for me.
  19. I'm actually planning on seeing it again, this time at IMAX.
  20. im tempted to see this, though it does seem people either love it or hate it (though only one mate didnt like it)

    re the district 9 comment (i saw it based on what i read here :p ) ..... id ask my girlfriend to see this with me but...... last time i did that, we saw district 9... i loved it, but she did not :p